Can I use bonjela or teething gel when pregnant?

Hi guys bit of a daft question but I can find the answers anywhere so wondered if anyone can help.

I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 days I have been experiencing tooth pain around where my wisdom tooth is coming in. Today I have woken with severe pain and swelling around my tooth, down one side of my face and neck including my eye.

I have spoken to my dentist but I cant get an appointment until Tuesday next week and I don't want to leave it like this all over the weekend. The bonjela I have baught doesnt state on the packaging i cant take when pregnant but my sister whos just had a baby last week tells me I cant. All the information online is contradictive and the NHS website says to seek medical advice. I thought about using teething gel for babies too see if that helps but now I'm not even sure if thats safe as it says for babies from 2 months old. Can anyone help or advise please. I'm due to go in for a c-setion on friday next week and would have liked this sorted before then.

Thanks in advance.

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I posted a similar question about anbesol and bonjela a few days ago as I had a mouth ulcer. I sent my other half to ask the pharmacist who said he wouldn't recommend I have either during pregnancy :-( my ulcer has gone down now after a few salt rinses.

Tooth pain is different so a doctor or dentist might think that the benefits of using it outweighs the pain you're in, but if you want to be on the safe side I'd probably wait to speak to a professional (I'm not usually such a worry wort, but chemicals in pregnancy scare me!)

Could you phone 111 and see what they say? Remember paracetamol is safe so that might kill some of the pain. Sorry I couldn't give you a more useful answer, tooth pain is the worst! Feel better soon :-)


i dont even think that bonjela helps wisdom teeth coming in. take some paratroopers as dons suggested as it will prob do u more help than the gels xx


Thought I'd answer this I'm a dental nurse bonjela won't do a single thing, you need to do warm saltwater rinses to keep the area clean and take suitable painkillers, your dentist should of booked you in as an emergency due to the fact u have swelling they can't turn u down! X


Hi thanks for the advice salt water it is then. The receptionist said they had no emergency appoontments available due to them been short staffed and apparently have no appointments until next tues but people have told me to use the 111 out of hours over the weekend which I may end up doing thos pain is awful no wonder babies scream when there teething. Thanks again xx


No problem, where abouts in uk do u live? Only asking cuz where I live there is a dental hospital where u can go if you are in severe pain but don't know if there are any others xx


County Durham there is adental hhospital in Sunderland but don't think it's a walk in clinic my eye is even swollen today so will have to do something think it' out of hours time xx


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