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25+6 weeks and have been bitten by a horsefly.. Arm very swollen.. Can I take anything?

Hello ladies :) cut a long story short, I got but by a horsefly earlier today and my arm has really swollen, looks like a golf ball on the side of my arm! It's very achy and very very itchy! Is there anything I could take for it? Spoke to doc over phone(useless) and he just said to put ice on it! Have never had my arm swell like before due to a bite!

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Putting ice on insect bite is actually one of the best ways to deal with inflammation. So his advice was actually pretty good. The problem is that he cannot give you antihistamines during pregnancy so it is best to deal with it using natural remedies like ice, vinegar etc. Of course if you show symptoms of allergy like difficulty breathing, palpitations, wheezing etc you should go straight to hospital. In the meantime have a look at:



I've had a few bites during pregnancy and unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Ice is the best thing. I was also reccommended some calamine lotion or cream though i'm really not sure that did a lot to help. Just keep an eye on it and make sure the redness isn't travelling upwards towards your veins as you don't want to get an infection. Other than that it's a case of put up with it. I do feel your pain though as i'm really prone to nasty bites and it's just not fun. Take Care x


I got bitten at 12 weeks and was given anti-biotics, as an allergic reaction I was surprised but they did do the trick. Now at 16 weeks I have been bitten again in a different place and same reaction. Both times it has swollen greatly and the swelling has spread. I have tried cool things but as soon as I take them off the itching resumes. It's awful and I really share your pain. It kept me up all last night and I worry without anything this time it will just keep getting worse. Sorry to be so grumpy but it is so uncomfortable :(


horsefly bites nasty. ice is best, and an antiseptic cream of some sort but unless you have an allergic reaction they won't do much. even if you weren't pregnant they wouldn't do much either. Just say is one of those things. try not to itch too much, know that's easier said than done, as they can be extremely irritating x


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