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Any chance I am pregnant?

I had unprotected sex multiple times form the 25th to 29th of june, since then nothing. He did pull out every time and he sometimes never ejaculated. Since then had bleeding in july and this month already, and it came during the time i normally expect my period, the flow was heavy (filled a tampon) and lasted 5/6 days, haven't experienced any pregnancy symptoms, besides cramping and sore boobs before i started bleeding. It may sound stupid but i have read that people can have periods during pregnancy, any chance i could be pregnant?

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Take a pregnancy test. that's the only way you'll know. Probably not, but I still had my period first two months I was pregnant and I was on the pill so to be sure you are best taking a test. that way you'll know one way or the other for certain x


i have no symptoms at all though, is it a high chance i am?


Symptoms or no symptoms, if you had unprotected sex there is always a chance. If everything's normal then probably not, but if your worried enough to be asking then you'll worry if you don't find out for definite. buy a test and be sure. Don't worry a pharmacist won't look twice at you for buying one and won't say anything to anyone. No one need know you've even taken a test and you'll have peace of mind once you've done it. Doesn't take any time and they aren't expensive x


buy a test at tesco/asda and use the self checkout if you are embarrassed. Highly unlikely that u r pregnant but there is always that slight chance. So take the test and put ur mind at ease x


Do a test it is the only way you will know, I would say not though if you have had a heavy period. I bleed with my first and I just asumed it was my period but it was very light and only lasted 2 days which is not normal for my periods.

I would suggest if you are not wanting to get pregnant then I would consider some kind of contraception.

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I agree with the other ladies the only way to find out is take a test Id recommend a clear blue digital first thing in the morning as it will tell you if you are or not and all so how far you are if you are pregnant but chances are you may not be but to be on safe side do a test


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