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First scan booked...not sure on date

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Got my scan booking today, for Sept 6th. Pretty sure I'll be going back again 2 weeks later though! Happy to be proved wrong, but I'm sure I'll only be 10 weeks. Exciting nevertheless! :)

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Ooo fab! Oh well you might get two 12 week scans :-) exciting times ahead for you xx

They will just give u one chick I had one at 10 weeks then I had my detailed at 20 weeks x

Yeah, It happens at times

I think it just depends on the time you may have notified your G.P of pregnancy, but never-less they wont mind giving you a scan a few weeks early.

Good luck!

Thanks ladies. I think I was also hoping a scan actually at 12 weeks would be a safe announcement milestone too. If it's earlier then I still have a couple of weeks of being unsure whether to tell anyone. Also is a 10 week scan actually going to give us a decent pic?

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The 1st scan is never usually a decent picture " in my view" anyway.

the 20wk scan one is much better especially if you can get a view of the gender bits. Haha

I had to have a scan at 8 wks due to a bleed and the scan pic looked like a bouncing peanut shell. Then my 12wk scan came at 13wks and it was a very clear pic of an actual baby. I'd imagine at 10wks that u'd see the transition from peanut to baby. its so exciting!! plus, if u are 10 weeks, they would need u back for a scan between 11 and 13+5 as its a very small window of opportunity to get the nuchal measurement at back of baby's neck. Keep us updated doris :) xx

Hope we do see something a bit more baby shaped as I showed hubby some online pics of what bean looks like now and I think he was a bit wierded out LOL. He'll have to man up on the gross factor if he's going to enjoy alien baby movements and birth! :)

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