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So worried

OK so I was on line searching for a new fry pan (I know how boring do I sound) and just wanted to check how safe it is to use non stick one but was so shocked to read that in fact they are big NO in general especially whilst pregnant.

I normally follow the government safe guide lines and I am a bit of a health freak so now I feel so guilty about using one till now.

How did I missed this?

I am almost 30 weeks and panicking that I have brought in the awful chemicals my body and potentially my baby too.

I have ordered now aluminium one but feel so guilty I am very upset :-(

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I think sometimes these reports are out to scaremonger and are so terrible. I mean some claim bacon is carcinogenic, our families have eaten it for generations and not had any problems. Its ridiculous!

Try not to stress over it as I'm sure the level of transference of teflon to baby is very slight, if at all. If it was a huge no-no, I'm sure our midwives would all be in the know and tell us to rethink our cooking utensils for the next 9mths. I'm sure plenty of women have eaten from non-stick pots and pans throughout pregnancy and not had any issues. Plus, that would make eating out a complete no-no as you can never be sure if they use non-stick or not in the kitchen. Please check the source of the information to ensure it's credible before jumping to it (I know easier said than done).

I really understand that things like this online can cause all sorts of worry but quite of lot of what we read online can be false and not entirely the full story. If it makes u feel better, use the aluminium pan, but please dont stress over the safety of ur baby as it is a really small chance that this is true xx


Yes My grand parents had a bacon sandwich everyday for breakfast and they are 91no cancer! But My lovely nan on my dads side who ate so healthy had loads of cancer. . So I agree don't take too much notice x


I agree with gigglysheep. There's a seemingly infinite list of things that "could possibly" (but no-one's got any proof) be harmful. Much more important to focus on the things we know can be harmful, like drinking, smoking etc. I think use your own judgement. If you'd be happier with aluminium one, then use that. But the stress of worrying about it will be far more harmful than the tiny amount of chemicals you could possibly get from a non-stick pan. I am sure you have done all the important things and done your very best for your baby.


Yeap like my husband said no need to stress now or feel guilty about it as I didn't know.

The info I got is from Government guide line for pregnant women recently released also bbc as well as the guardian so really all trustworthy web sites.

Saying this if they were that harmful like scoffcat said above the midwife would have mentioned this.

Still to make myself feel better I did get aluminium one.

Thank you both for the reassuring comments x


I have never heard non sick pans to be dangerous!! I only ever use non stick pans and trays and I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect healthy baby!! Don't worry! Sounds like nonsense to me! If it were that dangerous, they wouldn't make the vast majority of pans non stick!! X


Really!? Lol I thought only injury/illness you can get from a frying pan was if you got bopped with one! All my babies have been fine :-) xx


It all came from a report from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, released in May this year, called "Chemical exposures during pregnancy: dealing with potential, but unproven, risks to child health". It says that pregnant women are exposed to a lot of chemicals, from things like shower gel, sunscreen, moisturiser, paint fumes, fly sprays and stuff, (and yes, new non-stick frying pans are on the list), but there is no evidence that these are harmful. It says "to be safe" pregnant women might want to reduce exposure to stuff like this. It has been widely criticised for scare-mongering, as they admit themselves there is no evidence that these things are harmful. Plus it would be almost impossible to avoid all of these things (I for one have no intention of avoiding shower gel!)

Just because something is a "chemical", doesn't make it bad. Water is an amazing chemical! As I said before, much more important to stick to the things we know make a difference.


Yes I saw this when it was released back in may.

To be honest I use all organic and natural products, shower gels, shampoo and conditioner, make up, cleaning products the lot. But I have been for the past two years not since I fell pregnant. I don't have any allergies or anything like that I just like the products. It is personal choice.

I am not saying all normal products are not great to use, is just that this works for me.

But as you say our water and air (especially big cities) is populated and there is not much we can do about it. I just use filtered water.

At the end of the day I and I am sure all of mums will try and do what they think it is best for them and their baby/family I just really wanted to get feed back. I was worried about it and yes felt pretty bad but seeing all the comments here made me feel a lot better so I thank you all for it :-)


Blimey, I use mine every day and have never even given it a thought! As long as you are eating healthily and avoiding the normal stuff, Pate, Liver, Moudly Cheese etc, then I really wouldn't worry. Just being sensible and eating anything bad in moderation is not going to harm you. These reports are always so conflicting and scare people for no reason. Just think about all the healthy babies our parents/grandparents have had, with none of the guidelines that we have now days. I refuse to listen to them as I know I eat healthly and thats all that matters :)


Just to clarify, they are only talking about brand NEW non-stick pans, used for the first time. Ones you've already got are absolutely fine, even according to this report.


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