What baby medcines, creams etc should I have ready for wen babies born?

Hi everyone bit of advise what kind of medcines shud I have 4 when babies born are there standard things I should have in just incase or is it a case of buy as I go? Also are there any creams washes that I should have for baths and nappy changes I realy confused about what ill need sorry all new at this and with only 6 weeks to go starting to panic!!!

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  • I've only got cotton buds and water based wipes. Planning to top and tail initially using just water hence the cotton buds. Less is more I think as baby's skin is so delicate to begin with. The rest I will get as and when I need it. I've also got Lancinoh nipple cream for me!

  • Medela do the same - but half the price..! Purelan 100 - same grade of lanolin, doesn't need to be removed prior to feeding either...

  • I've got zinc and castor oil cream for if they get a sore bottom lol. And I got some gripe water as I have had good results with that in the past. But that's the only preventative stuff I've bought for if I need them. As Lynstoun says less is definitely more with diddy babys as they are so delicate and new so don't need much. Other stuff can wait until you need it really :-)

  • Hi hun I agree with ladies above. Babies have enough chemicals to contend with from just wearing clothes lol so I dont use anything on my babies for first few months except sudocrem for any sores; keep in the creases of their necks clean as they can get very sore under there and then arm pits. Id just buy as you go hun and see how you get on but I would def invest in some butt cream and baby oil as they tend to get dry skin after the birth. Ooo 6wks not long now :-) xx

  • Thanks ladies that realy helps! :)

  • Too young for most common medicines...

    My HV said nothing other than organic sunflour oil for skin (most newborns peel like demons) - apparently a not insignificant number of babies develop allergy to olive oil.

    The only 'lotion/potion' I use on my LO is Bepanthen or Waitrose baby bottom butter.

  • Just nappy rash cream and baby shampoo I would get. Newborns are to young for most lotions and potions, keep it natural.

  • I'd invest in some olive oil from the chemist as they start to go dry after a few days and my midwife advised me to use olive oil and it worked a treat :)

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