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Whooping cough

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Hi ladies, I wonder if any of you have had the whooping cough vactination or will you/won't you have it and what are your views on this?

I am almost 30 weeks now and my midwife spoke to me about it and recommend that I have it. Doing lots of reading on this and leaning more towards having it.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Many thanks

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Hi hun my baby is 13weeks now I had the jab at 28weeks pregnant. Would definitely recommend it as no matter how much/little protection it gives baby its worth it xx

Of course I am going to have it. I dont understand people who are against vaccination in general given how it saves lives. I am 22 weeks now so I need to wait a bit more. Also I am waiting for autumn to get the flu vaccine. Whatever reading you do make sure it is evidence based and by accredited science/medicine sources as there are many charlatans out there who don't know what they are talking about. Generally speaking only read info by NHS, NICE, WHO, the FDA etc.

I agree with Babymummy and 2princess1princess.dont read nothing else as you gonna find the stuff that hasnt even got any evidence.i had mine at 34weeks and i felt absolutely fine( my arm wasnt even sore) and there was no changes in babys movements.i would do anything to protect bubba.its better to feel safe than sorry. i wouldnt wanna have to deal with consequences in case if baby got ill.xx

I'm with the ladies above. I had my vaccination a couple of weeks ago and had a bit of a temperature and felt a bit fluey overnight but nothing I couldn't handle. Baby continued to kick up a storm and caused me no concerns. I also had the combined flu and swine flu vaccine with no problems during my last pregnancy so I do fall into the pro-vaccer camp!

The risk posed to a newborn who has contracted whooping cough far outweighed the minuscule risk that the vaccine posed to my pregnancy.

As mentioned above, be sure to stick to accredited, evidence-based resources when researching your decision. I had to put a lot of what google told me out of my mind when making my decision - there is some scary and unhelpful information available which should be avoid :-)

I had mine at about 34 weeks I think. I had a bit of a reaction to it.....had flu like symptoms the next day. My arm swelled into a big red lump where I had it then went purple for about a week and was sore! I never normally react to jabs so that was a surprise lol. That said, I would definitely recommend having it done. My discomfort for a while is so worth it to protect the baby and the babies of others I'll encounter after the birth. Absolutely worth it in my opinion and nothing us ladies can't handle :-)

I had it @30 weeks and yes I'd definitely recommend it.

Thanks for all the advice ladies. As I said I am leaning towards having it and now I am certain I will. I just wanted to see other mums point of view on this, before I made decision. I am going to be first time mum so not much experience with these things. All the advice is very much appreciated it.

Thanks :-)

I agree that the vaccine is well worth having. Prior to having it I was a bit anxious after reading some negative comments on the NHS website.

I had a sore arm for a couple of days which was itchy as well (but no redness or swelling). The day after I felt groggy and tired, baby was as lively as ever.

That was it- so in my opinion no reason not to have it and every reason to have it for baby's sake.

I'm definitely going to have it. I heard on the radio recently that whooping cough is on the rise, and very young babies are particularly at risk. Got to be worth it to protect the baby.

I had the injection no ill affects from it. My daughter is now 26 wks old.

U have just reminded me to book it in! Keep forgetting!

I had it 9 weeks ago, felt a bit rough after but there was no doubt I wud hav it as the positives out weigh the apparent negatives when my baby is born. A sore arm and a headache is nothing to keep ur baby safe and well xx

I has it, felt overall body aches for 24hrs & a sore arm for a few days but that's the least I could do for my baby to build some immunity X

Great thanks for all the comments I am booking it today :-) x

Excellent news! Good decision :) X

I had it, absolutely no problems. LO is 5 weeks 3 days old, asleep on my chest, curled up in a little ball!

Having witnessed a baby die at work of pertussis (probably the single most distressing thing I have ever seen) it really was a no brainer!

Hi I was in two minds but knowing how serious whooping cough is I wanted my baby to be protected from the beginning as they cannot have the injection directly until they are 6 weeks which means they are unprotected to this disease for the first most important stage of there life. Although I am terrified of needles and hate injections I had it and I must admit I had a dead arm for about 3 days but once the swelling and pain went I would defo so its worth while getting and without a doubt a very important thing you can do to protect your baby from the inside while venturing into the outside world.

110% recommended

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Hi Jay1987, I am petrified of needles as well so I feel your pain. Have had too many injections when I was little to last me a lifetime haha but I def going to have it done next week. Happy to put up with swelling and pain as long as I know my baby will be safe :-)

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jay1987 in reply to Ance81

Thats the main thing too think about the benefit to baby. Xx

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