Does any one experience great stomach pains when walking?

I asked the midwife last week and she said its where my uterus is growing and ligaments are pushing against it but they have been getting really bad lately. I wasn't sure if it was due to my size because I'm over weight wondered if anyone else had or haves the same problem. I'm half way through now 20 weeks so don't know of it's normal at this stage and if it gets easier?


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  • Yes I had such pains. I remember one day it was so bad I could barely walk. But a visit to an osteopath, recommended by the hospital obstetrician, sorted me out. He realigned my spine and pelvis and the pains disappeared. He recommended to do yoga to help strengthen my spine and correct my posture, which I now do 3-4 times a week and never needed to go back for another realignment. Hope it will work for you too!

  • Yes , like a stitch under ur belly can b intense , normally eases up when u rest . I cried on the phone to my mum the 1st time it happened with my 1st pregnancy cos I thought the baby was coming 2 early , I started off a size 12 with him so don't think weight is an issue .

  • Hibthere, i am 35 weeks pregnant and I'm having the exact same pains, when I walk or on my feet for too long I get a pain in my stomach a couple of inches above my belly button. It can get really sore so I phoned midwife and she says it's round ligament pain, completely normal and just to take a hot bath and some paracetamol. Hope ur feeling better soon but try not to worry, aches and pains are par for the course unfortunately xxx

  • Hi, I am 29 + 6 and I get it. I went to walk my dogs this morning and just above my bikini line I had a stitch type pain. I slowed down with my walking but carried on slowly and it went after a few minutes.

  • Sounds very similar to the pain I have been experiencing at 33 weeks - it comes on if I am walking for 15 mins or so but eases away after resting for a few minutes. I think it has coincided with baby dropping lower in my pelvis.

  • i also get same pain - it comes on when i'm walking or running downhill in particular. Can be really crippling but does ease if i sit down or just take it easy. Asked doctor about it at last check he seemed completely unworried about it and said it's pelvis preparing for baby and ligaments softening and to keep doing exercise as long as i can as this will help. I also go to yoga to try and help with this.

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