Exposed to smoke in the air :(


Ok so i was a bit silly at work about an hour ago and left my lunch in the microwave for too long and when it pinged instead of the pasty was a rock! the whole office was covered in smoke and its still very smoky in here, ive got fans on ect but im worried without even thinking when i saw the smoke i rushed into the kitchen and ran the pasty under the cold water and now im worried about how much smoke ive been exposed to, it was extrememly smokey enough to make my eyes run, i felt my little man moving quite a bit since but im worried its going to have some delayed reaction to him?

Can anyone shed any light on this, i know how silly ive been

x x x

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You should be fine but just to be on safe side phone either your midwife or your maternity assessment unit at the hospital your booked in at and ask them they may say you will be fine or they msy ask you to come in for a check up x it will all so put your mind at rest


thankyou my midwife can be a bit difficult to get in touch with so i have just text her x x x


I think it'll be fine. it wasnt as if you had a "prolonged" amount of time around the smokey room.

Ah-well I blame it on the baby brains we have'to endure / carry around now. haha :-)


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