Just found out I'm 5mths gone. Had no idea... Still been drinking and I'm terrified! Help please?

I just found out I'm five months pregnant and had no idea before, just thought I was putting on weight. However I'm completely terrified.. I've still been having big Friday nights out, plus after work mid week drinks and I smoke. I have no idea how bad an effect this will have had and I'm so scared. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Thank you.

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You'll be surprised just how much our baby's are protected (whilst they're wrapped up in our womb) so try not to worry too much about the effects or damage at this time.

Its definetely amazing how you may have had no symptoms at all to be 5mths gone but every woman deals with pregnancy in different ways.

Have you being offered a scan date by your nearest hospital yet ?

My thoughts are if nothing serious has not happend yet the baby should be fine.



Hi there. Try not to beat yourself up about what has passed, babies are enormously resilient and the stress will do you more harm. Finding out with only 4 months to go is quite a lot to get your head around! What is now important is the choices you make from this day forward. You're far from alone, I had a honeymoon and epic hen night out on the beer before I found out I was expecting yet everything baby is a fine as it can be and I suspect many other women are the same if the truth be known.

Concentrating on making healthier choices from now on will only benefit you and the baby and if you can kick the smoking into touch for good you'll benefit for the rest of your days! Don't forget to ask for the help you need -your MW/ Dr will be totally supportive of this.

Good luck, you've got loads to look forward to :)

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Years Ago people didn't know the effects of drinking and Were all ok. ... obviously excessive drinking is not good... but I think it's worse if it's like alcoholic drinking. ...u need to havea chat with ur midwife but I've read stories about women in ur situation and they have been fine. . Now u know u will stop and with smoking alot of women still smoke when pregnant so try not to worry too much x


Like the others have said try not to worry, I can't imagine how you are feeling after this news! I found out I was pregnant at 10 weeks only because I missed my period, otherwise no symptoms at all!! so can't really relate however a girl at work found out at 23 weeks like you she said she had no symptoms either. She drank a lot before she found out and smoked too... this is totally forgivable because like you she didn't know about it.. the issue I had with her is she carried on throughout the rest of her pregnancy! This was obviously her choice and her decision... I just didn't agree with the choices she made. It's up to you what you decide from here. Your little one is very well protected in there and is obviously happy and safe! X


Hi I've been there before, I was 26 weeks gone & didn't know, had no symptoms and was still out partying even went on a 2 week all inclusive holiday. When I did discover was sent for a scan straight away and thankfully there was nothing wrong with the baby (she is 9 now) & I'm expecting again. Now that you do know I would try & stop the smoking & drinking and try & continue making the right choices. As people have said they are well protected & more resilient than you think. Good luck & congratulations xxx


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