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Early labour signs or wishful thinking?


Hi everyone, I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant and have been keeping and feeling great throughout my pregnancy but for the last 2 days I have not been feeling good at all. Last night I had severe stomach pains and constipation, then today I have had sickness and diarrhea, as well as really heavy discharge. Baby movement is as active as ever so no problems there, but could this be early signs of labour or is it just my wishful thinking?

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Sounds like a good possibilty to me !

medical professionals / midwifes do say its common to experience a "bout" of diahorea when baby is coming "something to do with the opening of your bowel muscles.


Only time will tell hey!!


Could be have to see what happens in next couple of days but def sounds promising! Good luck! :)

I agree with the other ladies. Midwifes do tell you that you do have a bout of diarrhoea befor the contractions etc as its your body preparing itself for the birth just sit back and try and relax and rest as much as possible so you have enough energy for when you go into active labour x

Hey, I'm 38+4 and I have had shall we say a loose tummy for a few days, don't know if significant or not. Today I have felt cooler then normal (normally happy to sit about in pants & a Tshirt/vest) but today full PJ's and a dressing gown. Was up every hour in night again and started feeling a bit crampy at 7am. Had another 'Nanna Nap' and baby is sending shock sharp waves through my cervix, and I am finding baby movements increasingly sore,no tightening or Braxtons so will see...might just be warming up XX

Hope you ladies are right! I've still got sickness and diarrhoea and still feeling pretty crappy but no other signs of labour just yet. Lets hope its all a good sign and this little baba may be ready to come out in the next couple of days x

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