New to the forum :) No job, and in quite a downer :(

Hello :) Im new to the forum so thought I would just say hello! I am currently 24+2 weeks pregnant and not having a great time :( this is my first child and was not planned, although not planned, me and my partner of 3 years are over the moon as are our families :)

My pregnancy hasn't been so straight forward, luckily I have had a lot of morning sickness, still am and lot of fainting which is down to me not being able to keep anything down! My partner is fantastic and really helps a lot, but he works 13 hour shifts, 7 days a week! He helps as much as he can but is very tired as you can expect! I am currently not working which really upsets me as I have worked since I was very young. I left my job to start a new one two months ago, but the job fell through for certain reasons and I am now jobless and really really struggling to find another job, I cant go back to my previous one as they have already filled my old position. It is so upsetting, and we could really do with the second income to make things easier, especially as their is going to be a third mouth to feed! But as I am finding out... not many people are keen to take on the 6 months pregnant woman.

I am so bored and I just feel completely useless. I worked so hard for the job I got and when it fell through I just did not know what to do with myself. My family are so supportive and keep telling me its a great time to not have to work, but like I said, cost of living isn't cheap these days and could do with a second income!

On a better note, we know we are having a little boy and are over the moon :) Im sorry for the down post but it does feel so good to get off my chest!! I hope you are all well :)

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Hi hun congratulations :-) little boys are soooo gorgeous, ive got two boys one is 2.5yrs other is 12wks and a little princess just turned 5. I was eemployed untilmy mat leave finished and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my daughter and ive not gone bk yet, I absolutely love being a full time mum and wouldn't have it any other way. Have you looked into whether you qualify for maternity allowance? And you will be entitled to child benefit once little one is here plus child tax credits. Check out this website hope this helps.

In the meantime don't beat yourself up about not working you doing a very important job right now xxx


Being a parent is "by far" one of the most important job's you'll have so try not to feel too guilty about being out of work.

Im in a simular situation as im now 27wks pregnant with my 2nd child but ive also being out of work for 3 yrs now.

Before the recession & other compications i was also a dedicated working girl who would love going to work everyday but since the birth of my son in "late 2008" i just couldnt bear leaving him on a full time or part time basis mainly due to the rising cost of childcare & etc......

Although me & my partner / father of children are together we also struggle to pay some bills on time & so on but for i have learnt not to worry too much about those things now as my most important possesion(s) are my kids & keeping them as happy as possible



Hi, I'm in quite a similar situation. I moved quite far to be with my partner of three years, and started looking for work after the job I had lined up fell through. I've always worked to and so not having work was quite new and a bit depressing, especially as we'd just taken on a mortgage. Then discovered I was pregnant. Been sick all the way through, dizzy etc, and no, no one wants to hire you. However I am surprised the doctor hasn't advised you not to work or the midwife. I was asked at week 20 if I was working and when I said no, I was looking for work they said if I was working I'd have been signed off so that was kind of that. You could be entitled to a lot of benefits. In our case we aren't until the baby's born because my partner earns to much. I'm not even entitled to jobseekers (not worried about money but now I'll have to catch my NI up). Sometimes money is slightly tight but as long as all our bills are covered and we have food in the cupboards there is no need to stress. It's the boredom mostly, just trying to find things to do that aren't to exerting. Light house work, sorting baby's things etc.

And trust me, your partner won't think your useless and not helpful, he'll be more worried about how he can make things easier for you. You are growing his child and that is the most important thing in the whole world to him right now. Your health and your baby's. I know my partner would prefer me not to work just now and look after myself and our very active little monster :) x


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