Too soon to shop?

I'm so excited about the baby, and as we know it's going to be an expensive time, hubby and I already agreed we'd go second hand (or I prefer pre-loved!) on a lot of the things we'll need. I'm seeing some amazing bargains and pretty things online already but am torn between a good deal and jinxing myself. If we buy things too soon is it bad luck? I want to say I know the shopping gods don't rule my womb but I also know if I start kitting out a nursery and then we have a problem that that's going to be a painful clear out.

So, optimist or pessimist - which one rules my spending spree??

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  • I felt just like you early on, but tentatively started buying things, picking up the pace at 20 weeks. I'm glad I did now as with 7 weeks to go I really get tired out going shopping. We've bought the majority of equipment 'pre-loved' and saved so much money this way (main exception being the car seat as I was worried about the safety aspect). There are real bargains to be had and so much is barely used.

  • I'm really early so I think I'll hang on til at least the first scan is done and we have told people. It's funny thinking you ladies are the only people who hear me talking about it! At least seeing deals so regularly now I can be sure there'll always be new deals coming up, whenever we start. I'm just impatient and impulsive :)

  • Congrats! I started buying stuff after my 12 week scan, at 25 weeks I have all the big stuff and started decorating the nursery. I bought my first bits of clothing this weekend.

  • Thank you! I think I'm with you on when to start now, I'm just so impatient for it all to be real :)

  • Congrats on your pregnancy, start shopping when it suits u. Are you having a boy/girl or suprise? we hav been collecting nappies and wipes from early on and now we have loads as getting them all in one go would b expensive but we hav got ours from amazon as lots cheaper and bigger packs. I am 36+1 and only got my big things like pushchair etc 3 weeks ago. I didnt really start getting anything until 9 weeks ago as we moved so tht probably stopped me buying stuff as didnt wana buy it then move it again but since then have got everything. Have only spent about £50 on clothes as most of it got second hand. Even my nursery furniture is second hand, and lots of things we hav is from friends and family. Got everything now apart from nursing bras for me so anything we recieve now will b gifts. Happy shopping x

  • Thank you! I think we'll find out, although either way I'm not a massive fan of buying things all pink or blue so that wouldn't really influence the big items. You're getting so close, how exciting! Hope it all goes really well :) we have to build a new shed so we can shift the gym equipment outside to fit the baby in first, so we'd only be able to fill the garage anyway. I'll try and put the brakes on my impulse shopping!

  • Congrats! Check out bambino direct online...I just got my pram from them and they do a9 month return policysi thought that was great. . They have different deals on all the time like I got my carrycot free. .britax affinity. .. and I bought my moses basket and stand with my clubcard vouchers doubled up so didn't spend a penny! All The shops compete with each other all the time so don't worry and they do price match. .. shop keep an eye out... mothercare. .kiddicare and toys r us... all the best xx

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