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33 weeks today!

I can't believe that there are only around 7 weeks to go...the second half of this pregnancy has flown by!

We have somehow managed to avoid finding out the gender which is fun in a way - many old wives tales about this from everyone around me.

I'm still working which is not too bad. I have a desk based job in an office only 3 days a week, but not enjoying the packed train journeys much. Most of my colleagues reckon I won't make the full 40 weeks as my bump is quite large. Ironically I have had extra scans as my previous baby (who will be celebrating her 14th birthday shortly!) was IUGR - she basically stopped growing and had to be induced 10 days early. My next scan is on 2nd Sept so I will find out then if this little one is likely to have similar issues - up to now he/she has been tacking along the 50th centile quite neatly.

I have started nesting recently and feel a need to have everything sorted out at once...difficult as my physical capacity to do anything energetic has declined. I am developing pelvic and back pain so I know I have to be careful not to overdo things...

It is amazing to feel the baby inside of me exercising and hiccuping away and responding more and more to the outside world of touch and sound :-) Can't wait to hold him/her in my arms and I know my hubby and daughters feel the same...not long to go now :-)

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Hey Dozymum....on the final straight! Whoohoo. I am just shy of 36 wks and just said to my other half, I still cannot believe that probably in under 4 weeks I will have this fidget bum in my arms :)

I finished up work last Friday and not a moment too soon, taking holiday leave at 34+2 weeks & official Mat leave starts this week at 36wks, sleeping is right out of the window and have back n pelvic pain like you, the hot train commute I do not miss...When you finishing up work??

I hope all goes well at the scan on the 2nd. I have 36 wk app on 19th Aug but don't know if that will involve a scan or not?

Have a great day and cherish your bump :) xx


Hi Cheekymonkey!

It's scary in a way how quickly things are moving now...

I have a week off work starting 19 th Aug (18th wedding anniversary! & my 16 year old gets her GCSE results(gulp!)) then theoretically working until 20th Sept. I'm hoping not to go into labour at work so will probably be a bit twitchy towards the 20th.

I know what you mean about the sleeping issue. I find myself dozing off on the sofa in the evenings.

Thanks, fingers crossed for this scan. It's not routine to have one at this stage but obstetrician keeping a close eye on my little one.

Hope you have a great day as well and enjoy your maternity leave xx


I have a 14 year old boy and an 11 year old girl, I am 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, nice to see other mums having babies after a long gap :). I had my children, both of them at 36 weeks 3 days, so I guess I must start getting ready for No 3. all the best girls


Lots of people ask me if it's my first baby then look amazed when I say I've got two teenagers! That's quite some going having exactly the same length pregnancy and should be interesting to see if number 3 follows the trend. My first was born on her due date, my second was induced 10 days early so not sure quite when to expect my number 3.


I shocked many people too when I told them about the 11 years gap :).


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