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Reflux and gaviscon infant

Hi there, my 12 week old has been in gaviscon infant since she was 7 weeks old and she's been fantastic on it it's improved her reflux dramatically , until this week when I've had to increase her bottles from 5-6 ounces. Now it's like we're back to square one shes bringing up milk for fun again. Anyone else had any similar problems or suggestions? I feed her sat up as poss and keep her upright after feeding. Am I right in thinking the gaviscon is weaker now the bottles are bigger? Thanks

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Did u get it from your g.p? Personally I would of thought u up the gaviscon as u increase feeds but obviously u need to check that out maybe just stick to 5ounces till u see ur dr...if she is just bringing it up anyway then I wouldn't worry too much until u can see ur dr tmw x


My 6week old has just been prescribed gaviscon and our 3 year old also had it as a baby. As the amount of milk increased we were never told to up the dose of gaviscon but the amount he reflexes didn't change as feeds got bigger. Can I ask you, did your baby develop constipation once gaviscon was introduced?


Hi there, I'm in exactly the same position. My 15wk old son has been on it since 8 weeks, and we've increased his bottles (expressed breast milk) in the last week from 6 to 7oz and he's being sick bringing milk up again, mainly after his first morning feed. Will be keen to hear what other experiences are. Cx


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