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7 weeks - how to keep hushed until 12 weeks and telling parents?

Hi, I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and have been getting nausea and very tired often. Struggling most to not tell people I'm pregnant yet till we've had 12 week scan! Anyone any tips on how not to make it obvious to work colleagues when tired, eating a lot of breadsticks, trying not to talk about feeling sick and nipping to loo every two seconds?! Also, when did everyone else first tell parents? (First grandchild). Thanks.

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I had to tell work about 6/7 weeks thanks to a rash all over and dizziness making me fall over randomly...but told those that needed to know. My mum knew by looking at me that I was pregnant lol. But living with her I thought it best to tell her asap anyway at 4 weeks. We told my dad, and my boyfriends parents on the day of the first scan...got them a pic each and just handed them the envelope and they were so shocked and excited as its their 1st grandchild too. They loved how we told them and they werent expecting it at all :D


Congrats on pregnancy. I only had sickness so i made sure tht i visited them when i felt ok. I originally planned not to tell them b4 12 weeks as same as you its first grandchild on either side, The only reason i told my parents before 12 weeks as had originally planned was cz it was there 25th wedding anniversary and they were planning a meal at their favourite curry house and I had to tell them at 10 weeks as couldn't think of anything worse than eating curry and didn't want them to think I couldn't be bothered on a big occasion. I told my work colleagues quite early on but if I felt rough I just said time of the month as tht stopped people lol. But yeh was about 10 weeks and although I didn't think it would bother me it was such a relief when I did. Xx


I was lucky as I didn't have morning sickness but I was a nervous wreak so I did tell my manager at about 7 weeks. I told my parents and sister a few days after having my BFP but a lot of that was due to the fact that my husband is away on tour and I wanted the support especially during the early weeks. My husband told his boss within hours of us finding out just in case he needed to get home asap due to any medical issues.

I didn't tell anyone else until after I had the 12 week scan and received my low risk letter. Of course all my close work colleagues claimed they knew.... :)

Funny though, I was so embarrassed at telling my parents (even though I'm 39 and married) now they know for sure that I have had sex!!! lmao x


I was also quite lucky not to have any nausea or sickness so I didn't have to contend with that! I managed to hold off telling work until I was 12 weeks and had low risk letter.

We chose to tell our parents and siblings at 7 weeks partly because it was Christmas and they'd wonder why I wasn't drinking but also for support as I'd had a previous miscarriage. We didnt tell anyone else until 12 weeks.

Congratulations, hope the sickness improves soon!


I had to tell my manager at 6weeks for risk assessment because of the sort of job I do she needed to know ASAP .had to ask her to be professional and keep it quiet well hope she did.told everyone else after the 12 week scan as had a miscarriage at 5 weeks a month before .x


I didn't tell ANYONE other than my husband (obviously) until after 12 week scan. First baby. First pregnancy,

After our 12 week scan we went straight around to my parents and told them then -they hadn't suspected a thing. My boss however had guessed and had been teasing me about babies etc so wasn't exactly surprised when I came back to work following a hospital appnt ;)

A couple of women at work had asked me, quietly, outright but I just denied it or joked it off. ''What are you trying to say? Are you saying I'm fat??'' works pretty well ;) As does baggy clothes -quite handy now it's summertime you can get away with floaty tops etc.

As far as looking like poo, I just used to tell people that I was really tired and not sleeping very well at the moment (not untrue!), or that I thought I might be coming down with something -that stops people prying too much about your toilet habits.

Good luck!


I told my folks round about 7 weeks with my first and about 12 weeks with my 2nd. The only reason we delayed the 2nd was because my sis was pregnant with her 1st 6 weeks ahead of me so waited till she had had her 12w scan. Tell them they can share the journey with you as long as they can keep a seceret.


Congratulations! When we found out I was pregnant the hardest thing was not telling our parents. As we had waited so long we didn't tell them until after 12 weeks, I wanted to make sure bub was really there ( in my head it was a phantom as i couldn't believe i was finally pregnant!) and thankfully he was! I really struggled with lying to my mum as we are so close, especially as I was supposed to be going to fertility tests and my OH was away and my mum was desperate to come with me and be supportive... The white lies and evasion was really difficult but when we showed them the picture they were so thrilled and both mothers had guessed by the time we announced it or hoped. Bottom line, do what is right for you, we wanted to make sure and although the parents were a little disappointed we didn't say anything before they did units and in the end- also first grandchild on both sides! Good luck with what you decide. X


Hi I have had to tell family and friends at 6weeks as I am so u well with sickness, not sure i will be able to keep it a secret until 12 weeks at work as I have been in bed for two weeks unwell (on holiday so work does not know) I think you should share when you feel ready or when there is a good opportunity


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