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Feeling so sick, I'm 8+4 and have the most awful morning sickness. Any advice ladies?

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I have been drinking ginger beer, eating ginger nuts, tried mint sweets but nothing helps. When I mentioned to midwife she just dismissed it as "one of those things" "nothing can be done". I can be sick all day somedays & just feel really sick others. It's starting to get me down. Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry, but it is just one of those things. Some women get it really bad. But if you can't hold down any fluids or food then should be referred to your gp for antisickness medication. otherwise is just kind of putting up with it. Does tend to ease, some women around 12 weeks and some about 16. There are a few extra things to try. Acupressure can help and some women say the wristbands for travel sickness can help. I tried everything and nothing helped. But then I was unlucky and have been sick all the way through, most women aren't so hopefully you'll start feeling better soon. Then you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :) x

Thanks might go to the chemist 2moro & get some wristbands

Oh, you poor thing. It's miserable, isn't it? If it's really bad, and you can't keep any food down, then go and talk to your doctor. Try and eat small and often - I find it's worse when my stomach is empty. Bland food is generally better too. Plus try to rest a lot, as it can be worse when you're tired. Try and hang in there, and hopefully it will ease soon.

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Yep sickness is horrible am 36 weeks today and still wake up every morning needing to put my head over the toilet so i understand your frustration. In the early stages when I felt unbelievablely rough I ate loads of ice lollies. I tried everything that they say to try but nothing worked. I felt better by 16 weeks but yeah it got me down too and frustrated me as couldn't enjoy meals as had to eat before 3 otherwise sickness was worse. Unless you want to go to the gp and medicine u just hav to ride it out. I found tht dry toast helped somedays but other days cudnt think of anything worse, also salt and vinegar crisps were gd so basically quite bland stuff. X

Thanks I'm managing to keep food down for a couple of hours so its not back up straight away. I'm not really sleeping at night either so as u said this might not be helping. Hopefully it eases soon I've heard that weeks 8 & 9 are the worst so fingers crossed. Thanks for the advice ladies xxx

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In addition to the advice you have already been given, I would add to eat dry foods and also to give acupuncture a try. But be careful to have it done by someone qualified to work with pregnant women.

have u tried keeping some arrowroot biscuits by ur bed and a drink so that when u wake up u can eat before u get out of bed? it helped stop the dizziness for me when i woke up and made the sickness stay away a little bit longer in the morning.I hope it eases for you soon, week 9 and week 12 were bad for me, i couldnt even keep water down. x

I found I just had to keep eating every 2 hours. it was gruelling ans i feel for you. eating was the last thing i felt like doing but it actually made me feel less sick.I worked out what I was going to eat by walking round the supermarket and just picking up anything I thought I could tolerate. Good luck

Thanks everyone it's a shame for us all but glad to know in not alone. Will certainly try eating every so often and I'm off to the shops now so will get plenty of dried food & some wrist bands xxx

I can sympathise. I bought some sea bands from Asda (approx £6) and they helped me get through the day. I also felt mor nausea after taking the pregnancy supplements.

I know where you're coming from with this, I suffered bad morning sickness with my last pregnancy and moderately badly this time too. The best thing I found was also free - a walk first thing in the morning before even having a cup of tea or something to eat. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you and sip it while walking. it doesn't have to be a long walk, 10-15 mins should do. Try to avoid anything that triggers the nausea - strong smells, greasy food or anything else that triggers it. Ginger and mint do sometimes work but not always. Try lemon slices in hot/warm water and sip that, I found that worked this pregnancy. Try to eat smaller more regular meals and add an extra pillow at night to help prop yourself more upright, this can also help with indigestion and heartburn. Above all, make sure you rest when you need to and keep yourself hydrated. It should eventually pass, if it doesn't and your midwife is no help I think you're within your rights to request a different midwife. Hope you're feeling better soon and congratulations on your pregnancy :)

Hi Mom2b, the good news is that it's not just one of those things and you don't just have to put up with it or stick to things that don't work like ginger and boiled sweets. Pregnancy sickness is treatable with safe, effective antiemetic (anti sickness) medications which you can get from your GP. I'm not surprised at your midwife's attitude though as education on treatments for pregnancy sickness on doctor and midwife courses is very hit and miss in this country. You can get more information about treatments on the website of Pregnancy Sickness Support (pregnancysicknesssupport.or...), a national charity helping women with pregnancy sickness and it's more serious variant, hyperemesis gravidarum. If you're struggling to eat at 8 weeks, then there is a chance that you will progress to hyperemesis gravidarum if you're not treated. Ask your GP, but dont' be fobbed off if they refuse, as many do. See sites.google.com/site/pregn... for tips on how to obtain treatment and what to do if your doctor refuses or tells you some rubbish like there's nothing they can give you. You can also contact PSS and ask them to look up their list of hyperemesis friendly doctors to see if there's one in your area to save going round the houses trying to find a doctor who's clued up enough to help you. If you dont' get help, you may end up dehydrated and needing to be admitted to hospital for IV fluids, so be aware that this is a possibility. You should monitor ketones in your urine using ketostix (available from pharmacies) and get help if your ketones rise above normal.

Again thanks for the advice ladies, I went & bought travel sickness bands from the chemist & fingers crossed seems to be helping. If doesn't continue to work I will certainly phone the docs & hopefully get a prescription xxx

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