Beyond fed up now!

I'm 41+3 and due to be induced on Tuesday which I really don't want! Had regular painful contractions from 6pm last night which were eventually 5-6 mins apart at 5am this morning. Held off ringing the hospital and got some sleep! Contractions slowly coming back now but only 10 mins apart! I'm so fed up of waiting now just want our little girl here! It's my partners birthday tomorrow and think she may like the idea of sharing her birthday with her daddy!!

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Don't Sound like it will be long! Just keep as active as possible woohoo exciting x


Awwrrh! Its possible she'll be a proper Lil daddy girl but yes it also sounds as if you may have a waiting game ahead of you for the next couple of hours.

Apart from the regular contraction have you lost your show or noticed any leaking of waters ?



Ooh exciting, if you have an exercise ball- get on it quick smart. It might speed things along. Good luck lady!


I'm not surprised you're fed up!! I'm only 39 weeks with absolutely no labour signs and feeling impatient!!

The exercise ball sounds like a good plan! Hope things move along for you soon!


Ooo how exciting, good luck and I hope all goes well, just think you could be meeting your little girl very soon! Thinking of you all and hoping you have an easy labour x


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