Anyone have any ideas to help baby entertain himself?


My LO starts to cry immediately when I put him down which means I can't do anything like get dressed, cook, housework without a background soundtrack of baby crying which can turn to screaming. I have tried putting him in a sling, in a bouncy chair, on an activity mat and all eventually result in crying. Sometimes as I am putting him down his face changes from a happy chappy to "don't you dare put me down". Has anyone else experienced this and how did you get LO to just amuse himself for a bit to allow some mummy chore time? Is it just a case of leaving him to calm himself?

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How old is baby?

Have you thought about a dummy? I was trying not to use one but my little one had terrible colic and I think the constant stucking helps..... I now only use dummy for getting to sleep and in the car seat only...she truly hates the car seat and screems like a lunatic.

I was going to mention colic too, is it possible that he's suffering this? My son does, as did my daughter, only I didn't recognise it fully with her. If so the trapped wind could be causing pain, with my son this can happen immediately that I try to put him down, other times it might take 10 minutes to occur. I decided to fork out and pay for someone to do a couple of hours cleaning each week for me to avoid getting so frustrated and annoyed and allow me to enjoy it this time. And I keep a stock of meat pies from the butcher and frozen veg in the freezer for easy nutritional meals.

Other than this I just try to ignore the rest if he's too upset, other than when my daughter needs me. He's 6 weeks old today, another 6-10 week's and it'll pass and it'll be teething causing the grief. All these phases pass and get replaced by something else, it can be hell at times but if you can ease up on yourself, don't expect so much of yourself and just live in the moment for now it helps a lot. I'm naturally a stress head so it's not easy to do, but better for all if I do.

baby love the things that mother does during pregnancy, switch on the music that u listen during pregnancy, and see the wonder

When my little girl was younger I used to sit here im her bouncey chair in front of the washing machine she loved it! My 2nd was so chilled so had no issues there and my third loves white noise! Hoover/hairdryer etc xx

Try a baby swing maybe it worked for me as it ment that they felt the motion of moving around Xx

My baby was the same but he has got better with age (5 months now). Try and keep him in the same room as you as I find my baby is happier when he can see me. I put him in a bouncer and move him round the house with me. Also with the mat, pop in regularly (every 30 seconds) to start with and talk to him and show him toys and eventually you may be able to leave him a bit longer. If he cries when you put him down I would leave him but talk and smile at him telling him it's ok. These things helped my baby get better over time. It's hard to get anything done when u can't put them down for even a second x

Thanks everyone for suggestions, I should have mentioned he is 3 months. I will try a couple of your suggestions for the next few days and see how he gets on. He actually has no night time sleeping issues so I guess you can't have it all - entertaining during the day is better than at night!

Our 6wk old LOVES being held against daddy's chest and when she looks asleep he tries to put her down & then the eyes open & we get that same " don't you DARE put me in that basket!!" And then the crying starts again. You have my sympathies! :/

How old is he? There is a great book & website called The Wonder Weeks which explains how babies clinginess is sometimes linked to developmentAL phases & when to expect them.

Yes I would recommend The wonder weeks book too. My baby is 3 months on Friday and I am having the same issues. It doesn't get your chores done but it does help understand what's going on with little one. X

Mine is 3 months and just the same! His maximum time on a mat or in bouncy chair is gradually increasing. It still only about 10 mins mind you! I find I have to pick my moment when he has just woken up xx

Sorry had to smile when u said about don't u dare put me down look hahaha they are priceless aren't they little cherubs ;) it is horrible trying to do something hearing them cry I dint mind for a couple of minutes but the I get stressed and can't do the task I'm trying to. ....a swing is a good thing or something that distracts them like in front of the tv with the music channel on. .. or like 2princes1princess said in front of the washing machine. .. my son was in his activity centre and I came downstairs to find he was watching phineas and ferb that his brothers were watching lol! But something with movement noise and lights is a good bet x

sorry but I think that's a bit harsh, a baby sometimes needs attention for whatever reason, i personally don't think ignoring a baby is any good for the child and wont teach it too seek attention!!

A baby is not capable of manipulation! It is a baby that wants and needs love and attention. Not to be stuck in a corner with headphones on to keep it quiet. I cannot believe anyone would think this is appropriate.

Lol oh dear. What a ridiculous thing to say. Ignore the baby?? Would that be all day then??? Manipulation is not within a baby's capability. They need to seek attention to get what they need....or they might end up ignored with headphones stuck on them (except at mealtimes of course, otherwise that would just be cruel.....)

Good luck to you and your child or future children, I hope they like being ignored, fool.

Ps... leaving a baby with wires that could easily strangle him/her... awesome parenting....NOT!!

Sciencegrad says it all...ur approach of science doesn't come into it when ur a parent and the love care and compassion u have for ur child...I would be concerned for ur child if that is ur out look on parenting.

My husband is facing that at the moment and I can only be glad that it is not me whom she dares :P

But did you try playing with the baby while you both lie on the floor or bed with any interesting thing - and just leave the baby with the toy while you tip-toe around and appear magically as soon as you hear a coo (my husband is doing that with our little girl - so all sympathies)

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