Early maternity leave - oh so bored!

Hi ladies :) Hope all is well with everyone! Well my lovely friend took me for a pregnancy massage on Monday which was just fantastic! Had never heard of them and completely fixed my back up - no more pain when sleeping! But now have managed to get the lovely flu :( so now feeling a bit down in the dumps! Feeling absolutely awful! On top of it all I have had to take a very early maternity leave at 23weeks due to my health just not being good throughout my pregnancy :( My fainting has become worse and worse and due to my job I am out all day in the community and driving a lot visiting patients and now have also been told not to drive :( so very very upset and oh so bored :( I hate not working and have never not worked for a long period so this is all new to me! Im worried I will end up becoming depressed as this is only the first few weeks and already im feeling so bored and down in the dumps :( My partner is at home now as usually works offshore, which is fantastic as he is at home every night now :) But again he works all day, comes home, eats and sleeps, which I really cant blame him for! It sounds silly as he is here but, I miss him! We never get to spend a whole day together because he is working so much just now!

What a sigh! And is it just me who feels the first twenty weeks went so quickly but these last twenty are going sooooo slow!! I just want little one in my arms!

Ah well hope all ladies, partners and bumps are all doing very well :) x

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I totally understand. Sooo boring not being able to do what you used to. It does get easier once the finish line comes in sight. Does start to drag but just keep in mind why your doing it, and hopefully shouldn't drag too much. I'm week 32 and though a lot of docs and midwife appointments has helped break up the boredom, not feeling well certainly makes time pass very slowly and planning goes out the window as have to take how your feeling day by day. still now does seem a lot closer and so a lot less slow. In fact beginning to wonder if have enough time to get everything together even though we have most of it, so hopefully the last 20wks won't go to slowly x


I've Kept myself busy by getting everything ready for baby. . But also having a big family keeps me on my toes! I'm Also majorally spring cleaning its killing me but I'm on a on good days I'm cracking on still so much to do but I'm getting there before I get too big!


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