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c section scar , how do they do ur second section ?

im 38 weeks today and planned in for my second c section next week after I had an emergency 1 the 1st time round . my question is how do they go about it in regards to the scar that is there from b4 ?

I believe in America they cut away out the old scar tissue to make a clean fresh new 1 ,does anyone know if this is this how they do it in the uk ? Im only asking cos my scar is lobsided and comes slightly up my stomach causing it to pouch over post my son , now with pregnancy it has stretched wider so im worrying what there gona leave it looking like after surgery as I tend to suffer with keloid scaring after surgery ( previously had 2 moles removed for pre cancer changes and both went horrible and took years to settle down after treatment ) .

iv got my pre op wed but when iv asked previous they just say they go in the same scar, not what they do to put u back together , im pretty sure I was glued back together last time as I didn't have staples or external stitches . im worried im gona have new scaring on top of old scaring and it will affect how I heal .

I would love to hear from anyone with experience or advice.

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Hi, they cut over my original scar & then used dissolvable stitches. The scar is no worse than before my 2nd child. The main problem I had was from internal scarring. My second cs took twice as long as the first as they spent ages removing scar tissue.


aw thanks , I was hoping they would remove old scar tissue . did ur scar cause u problems when u were pregnant with ur 2nd ? the side that comes up my stomach is worse but its been painful throughout , when iv been on my feet for long periods of time i get an intense burning sensation along the scar ( not really had it since iv finished work ) and feels like im being stabbed if I cough , sneeze or heave , talked to my midwife who sent me to hospital and they said its because of internal scar tissue so im worried its gona b bad .


I think I did have slight burning when I was on my feet for long periods, hard to remember even though it was less than a year ago! After the 2nd cs, I felt that I recovered faster over the first few days but I think I did too much and after a week I was getting horrendous pains. Maybe that was due to them removing all the scar tissue, not sure. I went to the doctor but they fobbed me off. My son had to stay overnight in hospital for jaundice treatment when he was 1 week old & I was in so much pain that I couldn't even go with him. I'm not trying to worry you further, just stressing how important it is to rest & not push yourself.


thanks 4 the advice , i intend to rest up fully . my son starts school in sep so i need to b as recovered as possible for then, 1 of the many reasons i have gone in 4 elective this time . been told by others recovery from planned it better than emergency so expecting a bit of a better experiance . im not going to push myself and ask 4 help if i need it ( was 2 proud last time ) iv told everyone i will not be moving from the house untill the school run and intend to stick to that promis , boyfriend is off 4 2 weeks paternity ( he was pretty usless last time but knows what to expect this time ) my son still goes private nursery 3 days a week so hes going till the end of the mth , then having a full week at home with me and baby b4 big school , dads gona b here to entertain him the days hes not at nursery till then and my mum says im not gona b able to get rid of her this time helping out so that should b nice, i felt so alone last time . 4 days and counting : ) thanks again


Hi Ladies,

I know this is an old post.

I would like to know how you ladies doing now?

Did you go for CS for your 2nd pregnancy? If yes, how is the scar now?

I have the same situation as my first CS scar develop into a big red and thick keloid and we plan to have another baby in future but I really worry about the keloid scar and don't want to have another scar if going into CS again.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks in advance.


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