my bump has shrunk;-)

I am around 16 weeks and i have noticed that my bump has shrunk. at 12 weeks I looked like 6months, but now i just look bit bloated or fat, but by the evening it gets bigger. I personaly feel great. runing, rushing about, just being active. can't say that my appetite has increased or decreased. this is my sixth pregnancy but i only have 1 child.

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I haven't shrunk but definitely stopped eating as much (thank god as was eating like a hippo) and I am also bigger at night so relieved to hear that its not just me :-) Xxx


My bump changed size the whole way through pregnancy. Some days I was bigger than others. Think it has something to do with the baby's position. It's pretty normal stuff. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


Don't worry, I definitely noticed the same at that stage. I think a lot of my bloating disappeared around then, which made me look smaller.

It tended to vary day to day, probably to do with where the baby was laying!

I'm now 26+ and there's no mistaking the bump now!

Happy and healthy pregnancy xXx


Hey, if you feel great and the midwife is happy then I wouldn't worry about it. I have two children already but this is my fourth pregnancy and I didn't start showing till I was about 21weeks this time. After the mc this pregnancy has been the most anxious/paranoid I have felt, I can totally understand you worrying as pregnancy isn't easy as it is out of our hands. Buy a Doppler, I love my Doppler. I could use it from about 14 weeks and it really has put my mind at rest.


thanks, as i am constanly anxiuos i still cant feel any movements


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