How is everyone doing??

Hello gorgeous ladies in this blog...

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and see how everyone is feeling... Preferably share stories/ I am just so scared to jump into this "unknown!" world right now. I think I am about 8 weeks pregnant. I am seeing my midwife for the first time in a couple of days. So really excited...nervous... Don't know what to ask her...what she is going to tell me...nothing. Got my first scan booked for the 4Th September... Really looking forward to it...just want them to tell me a little bit more and hopefully that all is as it should be. As I have been working almost 16 hours a day for the past almost 3 weeks. I am always very active, always on the go. As my partner has already 3 teenage kids (and that alone keeps me very busy!) Therefore I feel fine, but want to make sure everything is OK.

So ladies, share our stories...your knowledge...

What should we be eating? Anyone does any exercise? What exercise can we be doing? Any idea how to prevent as much as possible stretch marks or unnecessary weight gain?

God bless you all...



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  • Hi Cris, congratulations on your pregnancy! It might be useful to you to use the search function of this website to research the topics you are referring to as there has been a lot of discussion on many of them. Also it would be worth investing in a book like "what to expect when you are expecting" as it gives you a lot of useful information that is endorsed by the medical profession. Last but not least the following NHS website is VERY useful. Sign up for free to receive weekly emails with information on the corresponding stages of pregnancy. Overall it is good to hear about other experiences but when it comes to advice on how to manage your pregnancy it is best rely on your midwife and GP:

    best of luck!

  • Hi Babymummy!!! Thank you!!

    Thank you so much for your advices. I will certainly look those sites up!

    How are you ding with you pregnancy? How far are you?

    Good luck with everything!


  • 22 weeks and all is good :-)

  • Congrats glad ur feeling good...u do need Check out a few things. .. like not eating pate. . Or too much tuna or undercooked eggs u should be given an Emmas diary is a booklet with lots of info make sureu ask ur midwife or g.p...I have forgotten most things. ... take some pregnacare if ur diet isn't that great make sure ur taking ur Folic acid and write down all questions u have for ur midwife. .. all the best xx

  • Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy! x

  • Thank you hols_13!

    How about you? How far are you on your pregnancy?


  • I also bought pregnancy for modern girls, which was entertaining and less American than what to expect when you are expecting, which was also useful. My midwife gave me a book and bounty pack which helped too. No question is daft ask away they will have heard it before. X

  • Oh bless ya EnvGirl! Thank you! I can see you have had your baby already!! Congratulations!!! What did you have? How was our pregnancy? And labour? and now?? xxx

  • Hi Cris85, if you click on my name you will see my previous blog posts :-)

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