32 week appointment... and a good nhs

You know when you know its just going to be one of those days? Well todays appointment was. with everything that's been going on the last few weeks knew I was going to be in a while, didn't expect it to be quite so long though. Firstly went through all my results as had last times bloods to go through and the extra ones doctor ordered and had on Tuesday. all fine. In fact my anaemia seems to have cleared itself so can cut down the iron tablets (but not to stop all together) so far so good.

Then its how are you feeling? The same, feeling sick, dizzy, very very tired. Have I been stressed? Yes, I do realise that will have affected me, but stress now much much less and I'm feeling worse. Doctor did say my blood pressure was low last week so maybe that explains it? Probably. Still midwife checked everything again. Blood pressure the lowest can be in normal range and my heart is once again showing a slight arrhythmia, nothing to be overly worried about. My diet all seems fine, I'm taking in plenty of fluids but my lips a lovely shade of blue! So through to the doctors to get all checked out again.

Oxygen intake fine, blood pressure to low but not changing when I'm standing or sitting or lying down though can get dizziness anytime. Everything else checked, all fine. The baby's ok, in fact according to the midwife a very happy baby. i'm measuring smaller than I should be but I'm skinny anyway and doesn't seems to have affected the baby's growth one little bit. So why all the extra checks? To finally confirm what I have thought I've had since my teens but every doctor before now has refused to commit themselves to saying, which is raynaud's phenomenon. Nothing to be done, but will be why I've felt so rubbish the whole time. I might be more likely to feint but shouldn't cause any complications. It might have taken them a long time today, but I'm glad we have a good service here because instead of leaving me to worry (and therefore make myself more ill) they investigated until they knew why I was feeling so rough. Put my mind at ease as I know how to deal with that having worked with a friend who needed medicated for it (where as I don't) and to keep on the safe side have booked me in for a couple of extra appointments to keep a close eye on me, make sure my bp doesn't drop anymore. And of course be told get plenty of rest x

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Ah poor you. Sounds like you've had a rough time :(

I'm glad that things are finally getting sorted though. At least you have a name for it and know why you're feeling poorly. Taking the worry out of the situation will hopefully help you feel better too! :)

I agree with you. I lot of people moan about the NHS and I do agree that they are not always perfect, BUT I think we are lucky to have this service for free. And if you need urgent care it's there for you.

Hope you take their advice and rest up, not long to go now :D xXx


Awesome!! I am really glad for you. Hopefully the good weather will help bring you some beneficial vasodilation. As for NHS I totally agree with you. I have been seriously impressed by the service I am receiving. Initially I actually looked into private care and decided against it as the NHS support I received has been absolutely amazing. Can't sing their praises enough :-)


I was worried about NHS services to be honest, especially after the fiasco my brother went through with them recently, but have to say they've been amazing. Keep saying even for the smallest worry I can phone up and have an appointment. I tend not to do that if can help it, before I was pregnant wouldn't go unless I absolutely had to, but now of course you do have worries about the little things. They always check that now who can phone if need help and say if this or that happens then phone straight away. Can not rate them highly enough x


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