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Nappies: Reusabale Vs Disposable.... Any opinions?

With 6 weeks to go, I've suddenly thought that reusable nappies would be a good idea. Does any one have any experience with the reusable and what brands are good? I'm doing a little research and it seems that you save money in the long run (which would be fantastic!). We have some disposable already, which will probably only see us through the first 4-6 weeks (if that!). Thanks in advance :) x

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I'm having the same dilemma!!

I love the idea of using cloth nappies, environmentally, financially etc

But worried they will be hard work and they seem quite bulky compared to disposables!

One thing worth trying is your local council. I contacted mine and got a free goodie pack. I expected vouchers, leaflets etc but actually got a whole trial cloth nappy too! We got a whole little lamb cotton nappy including little green waterproof wrap and paper and fleece liners.

I think we decided to start with disposables for first couple of weeks, they go through so many nappies! Then try out the little lamb and go from there.

Hope that helps :) xXx


Sadly, our local council don't do anything like that - it would have been ideal to get a free sample or a subsidised trial pack! We have disposables so will use those for the time being anyway. My other half isn't entirely convinced about the reusable due to the extra washing, but as I pointed out - I'm the one that does the washing any way ;) lol. I've found miosolo (all in one nappies) birth to potty packs for around £200 which seem like a bargain compared to years of disposables. I think I've almost convinced myself - maybe I should look for a cheap trial pack before spending..... Haha. Thanks for the reply x


Hi, we are going to use terry toweling. We looked at the washable nappies but they only seemed to last for a while as the baby grows. I was getting very nervous about using pins, but we found something called Nappy Nippas. Here is a link to them: (sorry could not get it to do an instant link)

We brought a terry toweling starting kit from Mothercare for £42 and extra terry towels for another £22. Hopefully these will last us, fingers crossed.

Another thing with these is that you don't need to machine wash them. When a nappy becomes dirty you put it in a nappy pale full of nappy soak. They then get rinsed out, dried and there ready to go again. You can also machine wash them too. We are going to give this a go and see how we get on. :-)

Here is the link to the Mothercare starters kit:

Good luck with everything and hope the birth goes well. I have 10 weeks to go.


My friends little boy is 5months and I knew she had bought reusable nappies. After becoming interested myself I asked her and she said they leaked a little and she's gonna wit to try again wen bay is a little bigger. It's kinda put me off


Ive bought some reasuable nappies as well as some disposables, as i do like the fact that the reasuables can be washed & used again, the money i would be using for disposable nappies can be used elsewhere.

i bought a few disposables to probably see me through the 1st few weeks of baby's life & to really coach myself in using the reasuables for outdoor use, but in the long run I am planning to use the reasuable nappies until the baby is ready for potty training.

Ive bought a pack of 10 reasuable nappy kit "from" for £21.99 which i think is a good bargain for something that can be continously used for at least the 1st 12mths of a child's life.



Hi there, I used real nappies for 2 years with my second son (first I couldn't afford the investment). I still have them now and 10 years on I'll be using them with no3. My son never suffered with nappy rash and I never ran out of nappies. Once you get into the routine of laundering them its fine, the impact on the washing machine was also minimal, after nearly 10 years it was replaced in the last 6 months. I'd like to point out that even disposable nappies are not infallible and also leak on occasion. I would suggest that you have a look in your area and see if there is a 'nappy library' where you can have a look at the different types and possibly hire nappies. Local NCT may help you there. Google real nappy campaign as well, in my area the County council run a discount scheme for trial packs which save quite a lot of money.

There are quite a few brands now but broadly they fall into 2 categories; all in one - outer and inner combined, or 2 part, an inner (which may be prefold or shaped nappy, made from cotton, bamboo or fleece) and an outer which is waterproof (which may be a shaped wrap or pants). I used a 2 part, prefold system as the wrap fastens to the shape of the baby and the cost was affordable for me, after a time and a lot of washing the wraps do lose the the waterproofing and start to leak, but this often coincides with moving to the next size up. The only additional expenses after buying the nappies are the flushable liners (to catch solids and keep moisture away from the skin) and nappisan or similar product for soaking and washing. A barrier cream such as zinc and caster oil is worth using from time to time to protect the skin if baby is a long time between changes.

In my view they are worth persevering with and the work involved is no greater than disposables but find a system which you like. I used bambino mio birth to potty pack and had to buy a few additional wraps with no 2, this time round I'll use some little lamb bamboo shaped nappies and wraps that I bought new and unused on ebay as well.

I hope this helps :)


I'm currently using washable nappies on my 10 week old and have since he was born. I don't find them any more work than I imagen disposables to be.

I contacted the nappy lady (google her she's got a website) for advice on what types of washables will work best for you.

I have 20 bamboo terry squares and 10 shaped nappies all of which require a wrap for waterproofing. I also have 9 all in ones which I don't think are as reliable as the two part systems but are handy for when we're out as they are simpler to change. We started out with flushable liners but now use fleece so they can be washed too. Everything, poop and all, goes in the nappy bucket which has a mesh bag and every night I pop the washer on, filling up the load with clothes and towels ect. Then in the morning it goes on the line or clothes airers. I have more than enough nappies and never run out. But I intend to buy a few more so I can wash every other day. The bucket contains all the smells so that isn't a problem either. I was advised to scrape extra poo into the toilet but I never do and every morning my nappies are as good as new. I only wash at 40 degrees so it's better for the environment and my pocket as bamboo cotton is antibacterial naturally.

Some of my shaped nappies are 'little lamb' which I love, but I have a long baby and I find them a bit short on him. I love tots bots bamboozled strechies, if you buy the size two, they are a birth to potty nappy so will last as long as you need them. One thing about re-useable nappies though was I was told not to use products such as nappisan as it damages the elastic in the shaped nappies.

When he was first born i found most re-useables very bulky on him so I used folded muslin squares with a booster.

The only problem I have with these nappies is that they are bulkier than disposables, and I found some baby trousers my sister had bought him, wouldn't fit. But I don't really mind too much as I prefer dungarees on him as it makes changing him easier, no need to get completely undressed. I've also never had anything leak out, whatever the nappy doesn't contain is trapped by the wrap. Also, I bought vest extenders to make his vests fit over the extra size of his bum.

Sorry this turned into such as essay! But I would definitely recommend re-useables, and if you do want to look into it more, the nappy lady offers free advice and recommendations on her website, and you get a code from her for discount for enquiring should you choose to buy anything, so bonus really!


Hi, I am going to try using the BioMio reusable nappies as there are massive cost & environmental advantages if you can get in with them. The way I see it is...if my mother could raise 5 children using Terry's and boiling then up then I should be able to manage with a Pre-shaped nappy then you simply fold in a liner & absorbable pad! I will fold up in advance to deal with the wee hour nappy changes.

I also have disposables for the hospital and for convenience on the run or if I drop bubs at Mums for a baby free trip into town but would like to think can achieve to use the reusable a good 75% of the time if not more.

I still need to look into the council thing about mums using reusables.

It might sound gross to some but I got mine off eBay, the size 1&2 as used and then next sizes up to potty sealed & untouched. I have washed it all on a hot wash with the special detergent she gave me and I got this whole package for a bargain £20!! That won't keep you in nappies for a newborn for 1 month! All that need to buy will be liners & additional detergent to add to regular detergent.

Any decisions made yet? ;)



Thanks ladies!! I've been researching some more - also tried my local council again but after 2 days of ringing, no one seems to answer the phone on the number I've been given....I shall try again on Monday!

I'm awaiting a response from The Nappy Lady - Hopefully I'll get some good recommendations. I just don't want to pay out a lot of cash on something we don't like. It would be useful if there were some cheap trial packs of different nappies - but the prices seem to vary so much!!

I'm of the opinion that all nappies leak at some point - and its just trying to find a brand that suits you/me best.

I have looked on amazon and I think I may get one of those packs as a practice pack to see how we get on. I've also looked on ebay - Theres just so much! Especially as some sellers seem to just be selling the wraps and at this point in pregnancy. I'm easily confused ;) lol (although, my friends tell me I was like that before...).

My favourites so far are the Bambino mio solo. They are all in one nappies and are available in a birth to potty pack (also on special offer at Kiddicare for about £200 - BONUS!!) which comes with everything you need - bucket, liners, cleaner, wipes etc...

I never knew it would be this difficult! My other half thinks I'm going crazy - I'm either researching nappies or cleaning..... 6 weeks till little man is here and to think I was still supposed to be working at this point! I'm not sure how I managed as long as I did!!

Now, just to convince my other half that reusable ARE the way forward!!! ;) xx


I liked the idea of using reuseable and purchased a full set of ' Poppin nappies'. On the plus side they are so soft and grow with the baby. On the negative side, they are fiddly, as you have to put the liners in and pop in inserts and they are a lot more bulky than disposable. I used them twice and to be honest I chose to go down the path of least resistance and ended up using disposable. I kept meaning to get into the swing/routine of using them but he's now 6 months old and I am about to advertise them on ebay this weekend as I doubt I will ever have the inclination or organisation to use them which is a shame as they are really nice. Let me know if you are interested as I will be selling them at a bargain price!


Ooh, could you PM me the details or link for the auction/nappies please and I'll have a look :) Thanks x


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