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34 week midwife chek up, measuring 4 cm too small

Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone had went through same thing and could give me advice. I had my routine 34 week midwife appontment today and the midwife told me I was only measuring 30 cm and should be measuring 34. I measured 28cm at my 29 week midwife appointment and measured 30cm at my 32 week midwife appointment and still only measuring 30cm now. The baby's heartbeat is fine and I'm getting normal movement but I'm really starting to panic a bit. She scheduled me in for an ultrasound tomorrow to check everything is okay. But i just had a scan 2 weeks ago as they were checking that my placenta wasnt covering my cervix ( which it wasnt) so surely if there was anything wrong it would be picked up there? Has anyone else went through this?

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Hi there, try not to panic, babies come in all sorts of sizes and truth be known that none of us conform to the medical stereotype. The important thing is that the babies heart rate is good and you are going to be checked further, I hope all is well for you x


Don't worry at all! I had extra growth scans at 28 and 34 weeks due to my bmi being in under weight bracket at 13 weeks pregnant! They were checking I wasn't anorexic basically!

Any way! Those scans were normal and they were estimating baby to be 7.5 - 8 pounds. At 36w I was measuring just under 32cm so was sent for another scan at 37w again this was normal and they Said at that time baby weighed about 6.5 lb and if I went full term will be about 7.5 at 38w bump still hadn't grown but a further scan was pointless as had only been checked a week ago!

Baby was born at exactly 39w and weighted 6.12!

So basically the tape measurements and even technical scans are not accurate!!

For me so long as we had a good heartbeat and lots of movement I was happy!



Has scan today and everything is perfect, nothing to worry about at all! So was getting my self in a flap for no reason! Thanks for your help it calmed

Me down an reassured me a lot. Xx


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