20 week scan next week, to find out the sex or not?!?!

I'm 19 weeks 1 day and I can't make me mind up to find out the sex. Loads people say it's a nice surprise but my other half really wants to know. He is rubbish at keeping secrets so he can't find out and not me lol. I think knowing would be nice can refer to baby as he/ she and grow a closer bond. Plus get loads of blue or pink. Hmmm I love the idea of a surprise thou and just think I'll regret it of I find out but another 20 weeks is a long time to wait.

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  • Hey. I am 36wks 6days. I didn't find out and I'm pleased I didn't. But I'm about to explode with the anticipation lol! I can't wait for the baby to come so that I can finally know the sex and as you said do some more appropriate shopping for them :-) even though I haven't found out though I kind of feel like it's a boy....we shall see

    It's a tough decision! Maybe see how you feel on the day of the scan :D

  • The way I see it, it is a surprise whether you find out now or in 20 weeks time :-)

  • That's a good way to look at it :-)

  • Hi,

    Im 26+ wks now & i personally couldn't bear the wait of not knowing what the gender is. I read a story on-line yesterday morning too that said a pregnant woman ( in U.K) spent up to £30,000 on pink baby clothing & gear when she was told from a sonographer / midwife her unborn baby looked like a girl!!!

    I know that its best to not believe everything you read in papers & etc... these days but i would be beside myself to give birth to a boy when ive also now being told its a girl.


    But im sure the midwife who will perform the scan for you does usually ask you "would you like to know the sex" anyway so you wont probably even notice when she gets down to that bit.

  • Before I was pregnant I always thought I would wait for the surprise but I was desperate for a girl and started getting really stressed as I really didn't want a boy (sorry its just I always wanted a girl plus I have split with the father and didn't see how I could be a role model to a boy as have no brothers and my dad died three years ago so was getting into a panic). I couldn't wait to find out and thankfully the universe has blessed me with what I hoped for :-) I love being able to call her my baby girl and have bought loads of girl clothes even though I am not really a pink for girls blue for boys type of woman lol.

  • I didn't find out at my scan and I'm glad I didn't a friend of my said there are very few surprises left in life and this is one of them. Glad I didn't find out when I gave birth it was wonderful that my husband got to see the sex of the baby first and told me. I felt near the end that I might have been having a boy turned out I had a girl which both my husband and I were overjoyed at. Good luck with your scan.

  • I know at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice. Thanks for all your advice and own experiences though its a nice feeling being able to talk to others in the same position. This is my first and I don't really have a clue what I'm doing lol xx

  • I'm 26weeks and have decided not to find out, it was a mutual decision between my husband and I. I never wanted to know so I'm so glad it was never an issue......good luck deciding!.

  • We decided not to find out, and now nearly 32 weeks glad we didn't. Its driving our families mad as they want to hold off buying anything until they know but we don't mind as long as our little monster is healthy. But I know some people just have to know, one nurse I had said didn't feel real until she knew with all three of her children. Depends on personal preference.

    However, something that did surprise us, and I haven't heard of it anywhere else is that when we went for our scans there's a sign up in the waiting area. It says that its their hospitals policy not to reveal the sex of the baby and please don't try to pressure the sonographers to find out. We were still prepared to say no we don't want to know, but we weren't asked. My uncle said they can't not tell you if you want to know, but as we don't we never pressed the issue. Four scans later and I still have no idea. I do know though that is going to spoilt rotten and a daddy's boy/girl :) x

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