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Hi can anyone help? I had a peroid around the 26 july for a day very light then went a brown colour,im extremley tired having very bad cramp

on left side and now right,had test done on sunday/negative is it too early?? Back at the docs today very sick from 4am this morning,smell of a bacon sanwich well i had to walk out the cafe today. I would only be a week if i was pregnant do you think it's too early to do a pregnancy test?

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it could be that you ovulated really late and it was only a mini period. try testing in another weeks time, u may get the positive result then. If its still neg, see ur doc. good luck xx


It might have been implantation bleeding. Ask your doc to take bloods to check your hcg levels, if they are higher than 25 then you will be in the early stages of pregnancy.


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