I am10 weeks pregnant and worrying because no health care professionals have actually said to me 'yes, you are pregnant'. Am I being stupid?

I had my first booking in appointment with the Midwife last Wednesday and she said there was no need to do a urine test to test me as pregnant, they just take our word for it. We found out I was pregnant nearly 7 weeks ago and did 3 tests that all showed I was clearly pregnant, but because no one else has actually said to me that I am pregnant, I keep worrying about it. I feel so stupid as I have had all the symptoms, sickness, dizziness etc etc, but I keep thinking I am going to turn up for my scan in 2 weeks and they are going to tell me that I am not pregnant. I even feel like doing another test, just to make myself feel better. Did anyone else feel like this and when will it start to feel real for me that I am actually making a baby?

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  • I think it's a bit like that for most people. I never had a urine test done to prove the pregnancy. The first definite thing i had was the scan. It's an almost unbelievable thing to think you have a baby in there at the beginning. I remember finding out I was pregnant and although we were trying to get pregnant, it didn't feel real until the scan. I said to my boyfriend just before we went in can you imagine if they tell me there's no baby and you're just getting fat haha!! :-)

  • Hi Hun this is how I felt last year when I was pregnant for the second time. I had the same thoughts running through my head I done 4 supermarket own brand tests and one Clearblue digital I got to the point were I actually made an appointment with my nurse practitioner and she confirmed it for me which eased my mind and now I have a healthy baby boy who is coming up 11 weeks. its a natural feeling to feel all the mixed feelings but if you feel that you need medical proof to say yes I do have a baby growing inside me then ask your gp to do the test at the surgery just rest your mind but there is no doubt you are defiantly pregnant. hope this helps and congratulation x

  • yep totally felt the same way. Couldn't believe the pregnancy test was right - i only did 2 tests and then it was just a waiting game. Even at 12 week scan when you could clearly see good strong heartbeat i still wasn't convinced! Now i am 25 weeks and just about starting to get my head around it. Those early stages i found tough too. Just a lot of waiting around really. but the less you see of any medical professionals the better really cos it means your pregnancy is progressing normally. You're clearly pregnant - all you can do is wait for scan to see the proof for yourself. and look after yourself

    Good luck and congratulations x

  • Aww thanks Guys. Its just good to know others felt the same. I think at the moment I still can't associate my sickness etc with a baby. I just feel that I am run down or ill! I just cant wait for the 12 weeks scan now and am counting down the sleeps. 17 more sleeps to go! :)

  • I'm absolutely with you on this, and was just considering doing my own tests every week just to check I was still pregnant. Silly worrying I know. I just get to each Monday and think 'well done, stilll pregnant, it's still in there' :) I worried as my breasts don't feel so sore and I wondered if that meant things had stopped happening.

  • I was exactly the same. You don't really get any confirmation till your first scan but If youve had 3 positive tests i think its safe to say you are pregnant :-) congrats xxx

  • I felt exactly the same and constantly wondered if I imagined seeing a positive test! I'm 34 weeks now and still don't quite believe it! I never really had any pregnancy symptoms so found it really hard during first 6 months. But now I have a huge belly and feel lots of kicks all the time. In time it will feel real for you too and going for scans are great x

  • The first bit's weird, isn't it? Like you're in limbo, just waiting for that 12 week scan. Totally normal feeling like that. To be honest, it still feels very surreal for me. I'm 16 weeks, had the 12 week scan, still got morning sickness and now a fairly large bump, but it's still hard to get my head around the fact that there's a baby in there! Can't wait for the 20 week scan now!

  • I felt the same way too. I'd had three previous miscarriages one of which I only discovered at my twelve week scan. Just try not to worry too much about it as if you are pregnant which you most likely are then the worry is not good for the baby.

  • take another test if you want confirmation, but id say 3 positives are a sure thing. not everyone has all the text book symptoms and with my first i didn't have any and didn't show till 4/5 months x

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