Mild food poisoning?

My partner made a curry yesterday. This morning I woke up with stomach ache. When I went to the loo I passed a loose stool and then felt better. My partner and his mum had the same experience. We were the only ones who ate the curry so it was definitely that. I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Do you think this will have had any affect on the baby? Thanks


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6 Replies

  • I Had an upset tummy around the same time as u in Weeks and the Dr said the baby would be ok they are protected if ur concerned at all then pop and see ur g.p x

  • Hi baby will be fine if your concerned and don't want to wait until tomorrow to chat with your GP or Midwife you can phone your MAU and have a chat with them that's what they are there for to put your mind at ease if anything is worrying you.

  • No, it should have no effect on the baby at all.

    My other half really enjoy's making & eating spicy food aka chilli food. In the beginning i just couldnt bare eating the stuff but now i find i can eat a full meal (when he cooks) & baby's still kicking away.


  • Thank you for your responses. Knowing that the baby is protected makes me feel at ease. I think it may have been the chicken cos he'd left it out for hours and I told him not to. Men haha. Thanks guys xx

  • No worries about food poisoning. As the others mentioned it won't affect the baby. Also most probably it wasn't food poisoning at all. Chilli and spices have a gastroprokinetic effect I.e. they stimulate the gut to contract :-)

  • I had food poisoning at 12 weeks exact . Its was a stir fry me and my bf ate but he was fine. I was so ill the next day I couldn't keep a sip of water down I was worried and rang my midwife and she said baby will be fine but with us being pregnant the lining in our stomachs is not as thick as those who r not thats why my bf wasnt ill and I was . I would rather have morning sickness everyday for the rest of my life than be ill from food poisoning for 24 hrs its awfull but baby is fine hope all is ok :)

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