Postpartum Bleeding

My little man is now 6+1 weeks.. and im still bleeding :( seems to keep stopping and starting.. I have my 6 week check up on Wednesday so will ask GP but has anyone ever experienced this or know if its common? Im bridesmaid at the end of Nov and keen on starting to exercise but worried that the bleeding will become heavier :(

So worried as I really don't want to end up back in hospital :( xxx

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You Can bleed for up to 6 weeks then it should stop and go back to normal period. .. are u breast feeding because that can cause ur stomach to contact and so u notice u bleed more after and also walking and doing any lifting etc. .. if u bleed for a bit longer I wouldn't worry too much but I'd get checked in another couple of weeks if ur still bleeding. .. exercising can make bleed more but if ur have had ur 6 week check and they say ur ok then I'd see how u go if u think it's not right then go back... from my experience it should start to dry up now but walking/exercise etc u might notice a bit heavier. ..x

Hi hun my youngest is 11weeks old and my bleeding was stopping and starting over a couple of weeks I asked hv and she said I was doing too much and bodies way of telling us to slow down xxx

Hi my youngest is coming up 11 weeks and when I had him I bled for 3 weeks and it was stopping and starting it turned out I was doing too much and when I slowed down and asked my partner and family to help with things my bleeding stopped and then my period has gone back to normal. I would take things slower and see if this helps but still have a chat with your GP at your appointment on Wednesday.

Hi Ashy, My postpartum bleeding has always (4 babies) lasted around and sometimes longer than 6 weeks with the last couple of weeks being more stop start. As long as the trend in your bleeding is that it is becoming less, more pinky brown and mucusy (tmi!?) rather than you are getting fresh looking red blood it is probably normal. The amount and length of time it goes on for does vary from woman to woman and they are usually more worried about the type of blood but 6 weeks is given as the average of a range of 4-8 weeks of 'normal' bleeding. I would have a chat with your GP about exercise if you are really keen to start. Starting some very gentle yoga-type core strength exercises and taking exercise like walking are not usually a problem but as people say if your body is telling you you are doing too much already - or you are feeling stressed a lot of the time see if you can get yourself some more support as it can only help your recovery.

Thanks for all your comments :) I guess i just thought it would have stopped by now but i do notice the more i do the more i bleed :( will have a wee chat with GP tomorrow anyway about exercise, was just worried as I had retained placenta with my baby girl 7 years ago and it was awful :( xxx

Hun take it easy bleeding should start to have stopped of already done so. Maybe your body telling you to slow down chill out on the couch for a week. :-) how is baby doing. X

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