Has anyone tried & being happy with pregnancy yoga classes

Hi ladies, hope you & bumps are fine

Im really interested in enrolling & attending some ante-natal pregnancy yoga classes.

Im now 26wks pregnant with my 2nd child & im thinking i may have delayed this process a Lil too late but its only recently that i really started to think about how /the best way to deal with labour & signs of fatigue before & after given birth.

Ive being doing quite alot of research "via internet" about local classes in my area & also read some good comments & reviews about their quality but im still in two minds about attending these classes

My main concern is; Are they really worth it, or is it just going to turn out to be a bunch of pregnant women in a room practicing their breathing methods ?

Ive taken some contact details from the information ive found on the internet so i will be most likley be sending E-mails & making telephone calls by tommrow morning.


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  • Hi there, I was lucky that in my area there is a yoga teacher that does a drop in preg yoga session so I can attend when I feel like it. I liked the way my back became more flexible and I was more relaxed as a result. There are lots of ladies who go in the last trimester and feel the benefit, I went a few times to the evening class but now I've finished work I'll go to the day classes. Why not see if you can go to a session to see if its for you, a good teacher would encourage you to try without necessarily committing to a block booking of sessions.

  • Okay, thanks

    I also noticed that some classes do actually offer you a free trial class without making an commitment yes!

    Its good to know the classes have made you feel more relaxed. Thanks for your reply you've encouraged me to gain more info now :-)


  • I would like to give you my opinion as a neuroscientist specialising in pain: there is a lot of solid evidence gathered at clinical trials that even 10 weeks of yoga and meditation can have a significant benefit with regards to how one deals with pain whether it is labour or a chronic condition. Yoga will also make you more supple and increase your fitness levels for the big day. Last but not least it has been proven to help with back ache. So I would highly recommend it but you should look for a good teacher.

  • Thanks for your info / advise babymummy

    I agree It's definitely a good idea for me to find a good instructor / teacher as my main fear would be for me to attend a yoga session with someone who I just could not relate with.

    As this is my 2nd pregnancy & is also going to be my 2nd experience of dealing with un-controllable pain I'm really determined into boosting my fitness levels as well as seeking to have good posture & flexibility during labour.

    My experience of labour 1st time around was a Lil horrific & I don't plan to put my other half through that again "bless him" LOL!!!

  • Hi Abenaa, I started pregnancy yoga when I was 25 weeks and have 3 more classes to go (i'm now 32 weeks). I have to admit that I've found it pretty hard work! I've done Pilates in the past but not yoga so I am definitely the least experienced in my group and probably the least bendy, but even though some of the positions are challenging (downward dog...ouch!) I always come out of the class feeling really good. We have a great teacher who demonstrates a mixture of physical exercises and breathing techniques so you come away feeling like you have definitely stretched and worked your muscles but also gives you some relaxing down-time to breathe and release any tension. I would certainly recommend giving it a go!

  • Thanks Honeycake,

    I also have never tried yoga or even consider myself to be a flexible woman but ive being reading some good, encouraging reviews about it & willing to give it a go.

    Take care & good luck for the rest of your pregnancy


  • I loved my pregnancy yoga classes! That said, it was quite hardcore - our instructor thought the average class was dull and unchallenging!

    My closest new mum friends are from yoga - it's a god send to be able to talk to people going through the same things as you, and always nice to get together for coffee!

  • Hi Abenaa

    I have started doing pregnancy yoga after being a little sceptical about it. I've never done yoga or anything like it before and am not the most flexible. However I am finding it really useful. Some great tips and techniques on not only breathing but comfortable positions for labour, lots of stuff about active birth etc which i hadn't even thought about. I am 24 + 4 and am the least pregnant woman there! I've only been going for 4 weeks and already i've met up with the girls from the group twice for a drink/meal which is what i'm enjoying most about the yoga classes. Great way to meet others in similar stage of pregnancy and ask lots of questions etc. Would def reccommend. I have chosen to do this over the NCT antenatal classes as i feel i am bvenefitting more from it and can't afford to do it all. I will be attending antenatal classes but the free ones from our local childrens centre.

    Go for it. And good luck :)

  • Thanks robson15,

    I also thought about going with the NCT ante-natal classes but the distance of travelling i would have to do was a bit too much

    I'm definetely had some really encouraging comments from the benefits of giving it a try so im gonna go for it!! :-)


  • I did some yoga before I got pregnant so already had it in mind and I absolutely love the pregnancy yoga classes although I havent been as consistent as I would like as the class I go to means leaving work early which is not always possible. Have started doing some at home using you tube though and love it - particularly holding one hand on my heart and the other on my bump and breathing love into my baby :-) So good for core muscles and breathing and also just feels so lovely and connected to my baby girl :-) Enjoy x

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