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Maternity Wear


Hey Ladies,

I am only 14+weeks and I've only got a little bump but I have been thinking lately about maternity clothes for when bump is bigger. At the mo, I'm only fitting into 1 pair of my jeans and I'm sticking to maxi dresses and wrap dresses. When these sunny, hot days end, I'm gonna be lost for clothes.

When did u ladies make the jump to maternity clothes? What size should you buy? I'm absolutely clueless as even tho I'm a woman, I cant do shopping, I fail at it miserably lol. Any help or advice is appreciated xxx

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Ha, I'm exactly the same! Hate shopping, not looking forward to shopping for nursing bras. I'm 31 weeks and I haven't gone into maternity wear yet. Think it depends how you feel and how big your bump gets, though apparently mothercare does a very nice range as well as Debenhams and marks and spencers (though I've not looked for myself). Mine isn't big so a lot of my clothes still fit, on the trouser front comfort has come first and got some nice trousers from new look with stretchy waists so they've grown with me. The one thing would advise is new bras as normal ones become very uncomfortable very quickly. I found sports bras were the best way to go for me, though lots of people do prefer to go into maternity ones x

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Marks and Spencers do not stock ANY maternity clothes in their stores. Online, they only sell underwear, swimwear and nightwear. Not very useful! I've found New Look, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare sell a good range, and also Next and ASDA online.

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I am not a fan of shopping too especially maternity. I felt really disappointed that Marks and Spencers didn't stock any maternity clothes in their stores. Weirdly, I tried a plus sized store -> Evans and their clothes are much more comfy and stretchy. For Maternity/Nursing bras, try mothercare because they do your measurement in store, without making you feel uncomfortable and help you pick out the most suited bras.

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stretchy trousers at new look sound just the ticket! thank u for that :) x

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I got some stretchy black trousers (look a bit like pilazzo pants) from Sainsburys for work.

Hiya, I bought some at three months. I generally bought the dress size I was (pre maternity- 10-12) usually a 12 which worked for me. I ended up going to Oxford Street to New Look and H&M as the clothes were reasonably priced. Debenhams was also good. New Look's jeans were good for me and lasted to the latter stages of pregnancy when I was huge! Hope this helps :)

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very helpful, thank u so much x


I brought some stuff from next and debenhams and new look online. ..u buy what size u are. ..I got some jeans from new look but think they are uncomfortable now. .they Are the ones with the band of elastic not over the bump.. but I wish I'd got over the bump! . next still has their clearance sale on so if u know anyone with an account check it out or think u can still check it out on line but order in store I refuse to spend lots of money!I brought some hareem pants recently in the sale for £10 they are so comfy .... but think u can buy them non maternity as they have stretchy waists... have a look in River Island for them..h&m do some bits too hot some nice scoop neck t shirts and vest tops I don't like things riding up over my bump... for the t shirts look inDebenhams. .. if u wear leggings then they are a great buy topshop do them with a thicker band for £ 12 I haven't got the legs for leggings! :)


I went clothes shopping around the same time as you. I ended up in H&M and topshop and Next for everyday affordable items. Also some in mothercare. Don't buy too much stuff as your body will change again. I got myself a pair of jeans and two pairs of chinos and five tops to get through summer.


All I have bought is 5 tops from new look. Most of my summer wardrobe is summer dresses tht I can still wear and as only hav 4 weeks left then I wont b buying more. I lived in leggings so didnt bother with jeans. My boobs haven't grown at all so havent had to get new bras apart frm nursing bras. Dont go overboard with maternity clothes as u may not wear them again if u can wait till it does get a bit cooler like another month then there will b more autumn and winter clothes in shops. And just buy the size u r as they normally hav a bit of stretch in them, u dont want to b wearing a tent. X

When you do buy, get more for your money if you plan on breast feeding by buying nursing clothes... I started buying mat wear at about 28 weeks, largely going for pretty things, only one dress from which was mat/nursing... Else you'll end up shelling out again post-birth xx

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i hadn't even thought about nursing clothing, good job i han't got round to buying my maternity clothes. thanks for the advice


I'm now 18weeks & starting to ease myself into the idea of maternity clothes by going on the Sales online. So far just got a couple of vest tops (New Look). Crave have some lovely clothes online but pricey -however, have been trawling the online maternity sales and buying loads of stuff with free delivery & free returns. Bump looking pretty big at the moment ! Luckily I have quite a few elasticated skirts anyway so am managing with them; and my jeans are hipsters so can still wear those :)


I agree with Dr fluffy's comment about trying to get more.

Im now 26 weeks pregnant & i've hardly bought any maternity clothes (apart from 2 tops from new look's range)

Even though ive being feeling alot more rounder the last few weeks ive just being living in my maxi dresses i already had from last summer


sounds like New Look and Debenhams are the best to start with. I think ill defo invest in stretchy trousers as I'm stuck for anything to wear when I cant wear a dress for the day lol. Thank you ladies so much, all the advice has been really helpful xx

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New Look over the bump jeans are surprisingly good - and only £16.99 from memory... I'd not shipped in New Look since my early 20's, but their mat wear is quite good!

Debenham's Red Herring is great for more dressy pieces xx

New look is good for maternity wear but I also went online to eBay if u don't mind having someone else's seconds & it's also a cheaper alternative to buying all the expensive clothes. Just buy your normal clothes size.

im 25 weeks, ive bought 1 dress (for a formal occasion) and 1 top from new look, i hate shopping too! luckily im managing to get away with wearing jeggins and leggins because of their stretchy waists along with simple lose fitting vest tops as its summer! ill no doubt have to try to find some maternity pants for work but aside from that i dont really plan on buying loads of maternity clothes unless i really have to as i wont be wearing them for long! haha.

I started on mat clothes at about 16-18 weeks as just couldn't get into my work clothes and jeans. I bought a couple of tops in the next (normal) size up but going up any further sizes just looked ridiculous on me - shoulders were too big etc. I got some work dresses and t-shirts from amazon - ranged between 8.99 - 14.99 - can't argue with that! I have 3 pairs of jeggings from mothercare - they are so comfy (under bump ones) and I know I will be able to wear them after birth. I have a pair of their over bump jeans but just not too keen on them. It all depends on the size of your bump as to when you think you need to succumb to mat clothes - some need them earlier and some can get away without them. I've had to do all my mat clothes shopping online as nowhere sells them where I live.

I echo what others say about New Look but it really depends where you live. In Merry Hill - one of the biggest shopping centres in the country their New Look didn't have a maternity section but in Hereford - a small rural city they had a great section. H&M also good and reasonable. Just buy your normal size or maybe size up if you've put any weight on anywhere other than bump. I also have to say that in my local town I found a Maternity Clothes Library which has been a godsend. I paid £5 to join and then went round to this woman's house who has loads of maternity clothes all different sizes, she got out everything she had in my size and let me try it on and I paid £1 per item to borrow the clothes for the duration on my pregnancy. Don't have to give them back until 3 months after baby born. For work clothes this has been great as I didn't want to spend a fortune on new clothes. The clothes are really good quality from places like mothercare, Next, Mamas and Papas etc. I found it through NCT website - would recommend you having a look if you don't mind wearing second hand stuff.

I'm 16 weeks and went maternity clothes shopping last week as my normal clothes just don't fit any more (especially over the bust - my tops looked indecent!) I got some dresses in the sale at Jojo Maman Bebe - the sale should still be on now. They're feeding tops as well, so I'm hoping they'll last me (in the winter I'll wear them with leggings). I tried the trousers with the stretchy band but just don't like having anything over my tummy at the moment, so sticking with dresses for now. Good luck!


I was exactly the same as you. I'm 26+1 now and still squeeze into some of my clothes but have started wearing maternity trousers for work as they're much comfier. I'd recommend going to New Look and trying some of their maternitywear on. It's comfy, relatively trendy and doesn't break the bank!!


hi there :)

I like new look maternity wear, especially the tops, some really nice ones,

good prices to, im 35 weeks and most of the time I wear midi dresses they are great as they are stretchy I just get a few sizes up & they fit great, new look & primark have nice ones in, cheap to :)

when its colder I like wearing leggings ,jeggings, they are the most comfier and you get so many different styles , good luck with the shopping x

Hi. When you start buying maternity wear I think depends on the individual and if it's your first baby - if it is you'll probably find you won't need them so early on. I am 26 weeks and only really started to show/needed maternity clothes at around 20 weeks. Lots of my trousers/jeans didn't do up, but I got a button extender from John Lewis for a couple of quid that meant I could wear them longer. Got to the point where it was painful though (stomach hurt!) and I had to invest in maternity ones! I have managed to get away with wearing lots of my usual clothes - maxi dresses and a lot of my tops that are looser / jersey as they stretch over my bump. I got really frustrated buying maternity clothes as most stores now only do online - crazy! I got some great basics (leggings, vest tops) from H&M - really cheap and comfy. A few bits in Mamas & Papas. Bought some under bump jeans from Topshop which have been great. Gap had some nice stuff, but now again only online. Otherwise I have bought some great pieces from Seraphine (store in London, but have good online shop / website) - a bit more pricey but I thought reasonable and good for work clothes if you need something more dressy/professional/suit. Got really depressed over the horrible selection of maternity/nursing bras in shops (M&S hopeless!), but got a couple in Mothercare and then discovered Figleaves and Royce lingerie websites - much nicer selections - I've got for nursing versions in the hope I can use them when baby arrives. Figleaves had a good range of swimwear too. Happy shopping!


I would definitely recommend H & M, especially for trousers.

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