anyone experienced a lump above their belly button?

Im 24w pregnant and for the past 3/4 days i have noticed this rectangular lump above my belly button aprox 5X10cm (verticaly), it sort of pops out when i tense my abdomen or lift my legs when in a lying down position. im wondering if anyone has experienced the same? its not painful but its concerning me. its in the exact same place all the time so it cant be the baby?? Help :(

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  • It's Normal is ur muscle does look weird doesn't it lol x

  • I've had one just below my belly button since about 19 weeks (24+2 now); it's now also above the belly button too. I mentioned it to my midwife at 20+6 but she said it will be my uterus growing and the pressure from that. Nothing to worry about :) x

  • sounds like it could be nothing then, im hoping so! im booked in with a doctor in the week to get a medical opinion on it so im hoping he just tells me not to be stupid and its nothing haha. thanks :)

  • You have a natural weakness in the midline if your abdomen where your muscles meet - at this point it's a thin covering of something called facia (or an aponeurosis) - the linea alba (latin for white line).

    Hernias are really common along this line in pregnancy as your growing uterus takes over every spare (and non-spare!) inch of space...

  • hmm it might be that, best see what the doctor thinks it is. hopefully its not serious enough to do any damage.

  • Dr fluffy is a real dr ;) she is great for medical advice... hoping she is still on here by the time I have my baby. .. Pls don't leave Dr fluffy!... how is ur little man getting on? X

  • best to listen to Dr Fluffys advice then! :) hopefully if it is a hernia it will just be nice to me and not cause any major problems.

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