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Glucose in urine

hello, ive been for a growth scan today im currently 30 weeks and 4 days, scan was absolutely fine and from the screen some measurements were slightly bigger than i am, but sonographer didnt comment on it we just saw if for ourselves.

When i went into see the Dr his assistant informed me i had glucose in my urine and that it was probably the fizzy drink i had before hand but to make sure my midwife checks it again at my appt on Wednesday, also my blood pressure was high first time she did it then she checked it again and said it had come down slightly, she suggested it might be that i was worked up about the scan and that was the reason it read high first time.

Since my scan this morning i have spent the rest of the day stressing out, what if the glucose trace is still there? what does that mean? and does it put my baby Ewan at risk? i dont like the way the blood pressure thing has just been fobbed off i feel so unwell today, well ive been like this the past few days, my energy levels are so low, i feel dizzy and sick, i have a weeks annual leave next week then in for another 4 weeks before my maternity leave starts, i actually feel like i cant go on, i feel so ill and drained, for some reason i am also full of cold all of a sudden, my back hurts and i have lots of achy pains in my tummy which the lady this morning also said could be baby stretcching and moving she didnt seem too concerned

can anyone help with this?

x x x

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Hello Flossy, it is true that blood pressure reading can be affected by stress. Even subconscious stress like seeing a doctor or a nurse can elevate one's blood pressure! That's why it is good practice for medical professionals to take the reading 2-3 times (to give the patient some time to relax). It is great news that your blood pressure went down at the second reading :-) If you are stressed about it you can walk in any Boots and ask the pharmacist to measure your blood pressure to put your mind at ease. But before they do so, make sure you sit on a chair for a few minutes and relax.

As for the glucose in urine, it sounds like it wasn't in high enough levels for them to be super concerned. If they were concerned they would have asked you to come back for a reading in a few days time or do a glucose tolerance test. Even in the worst case scenario of having developed gestational diabetes, it is easily managed and you won't be putting the baby into any risk. If you wish, visit your GP in a couple of days' time and ask them to look at glucose in your urine (make sure you don't drink/eat anything sweet this time). It is easy and fast for them to do.

As for feeling ill and drained, you might want to ask your GP or midwife for a routine blood test to check your iron levels. But the stress and the heat alone can make you feel tired and drained. Try to rest, make sure you are hydrated and as cool as possible. The achy pains in your tummy are probably Braxton Hicks (practice contractions) that's why your midwife is not worried. As for your back, you might benefit from a pregnancy friendly massage or visiting a chiropractor who specialises in treating pregnant women. You can also ask your midwife or local NCT group if they rent out TENS machines which can help with the pain.

Last but not least you would benefit from some relaxation and de-stressing. I think a long chat with your GP or midwife where you ask lots of questions will help reassure you, put your mind at ease and allow you to engage in relaxing activities without much worry. As for work, if after your annual leave you feel you cannot cope with it, it might be useful to think about starting your maternity leave earlier (or take work much much easier).

Hang in there. You have more strength in you than you realise :-)

Lots of hugs!


hey, don't worry, when the midwife has checked my bp at beginning of appointment it has been high a couple of times but she usually checks it at end of appointment and it has usually gone down by the end and although i don't think i am nervous about the appointments maybe i am but once she has said everything is good probli just calms me down and my bp goes down although i don't visibly appear nervous or stressed. as babymummy says, the glucose obviously wasn't high enough to concern them.

The heat is probably doing you no favours, drink a lot as it is easy to become quite dehydrated and have a cold bath/shower. I am 34+5 and have been getting Braxton hicks and quite bad back pain and again when i saw my midwife as the pain did resort to me to tears she said that my baby was quite stretched out inside and more so on my right side and my muscles r being put under a lot of strain, have been sat with a hot water bottle (which in this heat isn't great) but has helped and also for when out and about some freeze spray which really helps. try getting ur hands on a tens machine as does really help and can be used for labour too! If u feel u need to start maternity early then do it, listen to urself, if u cant work and find it too much tell your employer, you don't want to put extra pressure on urself but as u say u have a weeks holiday, make the most of it, chill out, relax, and put ur feet up. i have 8 more days left at work and cant wait. take care x


I had glucose in my urine at one of my midwife appointments. Midwife said it is only of concern if it comes up again and if evident twice then they would undertake glucose intolerance test. I went back to see her a week later and everything was fine. I did take more care with my diet reducing sugary foods. It hasn't come up again. Perhaps arrange an appt with your midwife to have blood pressure and urine checked out again to put your mind at rest. X


Thankyou for your post ladies, i do have a midwife appt on Wednesday so hopefully if it is worst case senerio i can get it seen to ASAP as it wasnt there on my last midwife appt 2 weeks ago, i slept slightly better last night so i feel slightly better today but still feeling quite drained :( i'll see how i feel after my week off i think, 21 working days to go, cant come quick enough

x x x


Hey there, don't worry about the bp. I always have to get mine taken a second time as the first reading is always high. The medical profession call it white coat syndrome i.e. nervousness.


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