32 Weeks and measuring really large

I have just had an appointment with my midwife who has measured me and it is looking like my little girl is 8lb already with another 8 weeks to go!! Has anyone else been in this situation? I am not worrying as such because I know she has to come out one way or another, but I am just wondering if anyone has had the same but then it has slowed down? Thanks

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What have they said about it? I measured large with my daughter at 32 weeks but they said she was around 4-5lb...and she was born at 39 weeks at 9lb 10 ...so 8lb already that is big! Surely they won't let you go full term..are u carrying excess water?.have they said why ur measuring big? Also the scans aren't accurate...so I'd def ask for a second opinion! X

Well it wasn't a scan.. it was only the tape measure measurement. But I have a scan booked in a few weeks. I had a Glucose Tolerance Test a few weeks ago and that was normal. Midwife says that they don't induce for big babies so it would just be a case of waiting and seeing what happens!

Could be water as well. ..I had the same glucose test but it was normal. .. Oh ur have to let us know how big bubba is x

Even with the scan one may get a 20% error margin so I wouldn't worry too much about the tape measurement. Take it with a pinch of salt :-)

hi gemgem 1496,dont worry relax,take a deep breath and let it out slowly!!wait for your scan and see what they say,you may have a lot of water which would cause your bump to measure large,i have spoken to a lot of pregnant women this time round and have been told many stories,most of them ending up with a regular size baby at the end of it[between 6lb and 8lb],unless you have diabetes or something like that I see no reason for your baby to be so big at this time,just make sure to ask at your scan to see how much baby currently weighs and they should be able to let you know,dont worry though as it will affect both you and your baby,try and take thing easy and maybe stay off the sweet stuff is you have a sweet tooth.x

We had a growth scan this week and are measuring 2.5kg /5lb4 at 32+4 weeks. Prior to this he's been measuring quite small. The midwife had also measured me the week before and he was a bigger then, but I was told not to take to take the MW measurement exactly as it was the first big measurement. Nothing is 100% - but I hope all goes well and she;s a little smaller at your scan! x

Hi - Don't worry too much. I've had 3 growth scans - at 30, 32 and 34 weeks. The tape measure thing the midwife does has been spot on. But on the scans it showed I was carrying the top end of normal range of fluid, baby with a normal head circumference, normal thigh length, but Massive tummy! Started at the 95% line on the graph and over the following two scans went considerably over the line. They tested me for diabetes which was clear. The margin for error on the scan estimate (which was 7lb 40z at 34 weeks) is 25% in either direction - that's a massive difference, and anecdotally I have heard dozens of stories of these numbers being a long way out. If there is no diabetes involved, you don't need to worry - just a big strong baby. They don't induce early, because it doesn't make the lungs any more advanced, and also because the Dr.s themselves know the degree of error on those scans. Good luck - I know the thought of a big baby is a bit scary - I'm dreaming of epidurals!!

Hey, i was in a similar situation and in my case growth did slow a little. I got referred back to hospital and had diabetes test and saw consultant but as no diabetes straight back to community care, with no growth scan. I had my boy at 41 +4 after standard induction and he weighed a healthy 9lbs 6oz! Try not to worry about it, and i think it would be unlikely they change ur care path unless diabetes or medical reason x

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