Has anyone got any tips for sleeping routine?

I'm currently bathing my lo at 8, feed and bed for 9 with a top up dream feed at 10.30. She's currently waking between 2-3 and 5-6. She's 10 weeks old and doesn't seem to sleep for longer than 3 1/2 hours! I tried leaving the dream feed out last night but she woke at midnight. She has two hour ish naps in the day. She has gastric reflux so we have to feed her 3 hourly as she can't take more over less hours if that makes sense..thank you!!

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Hi Dante,

I would say she sounds pretty normal in terms of sleep periods - babies tummies are so tiny that they need regular refills at this stage and though some people are lucky to have sleepier babies who go longer I think they are more the exception than the rule when I look around at the babies I've known! I don't know how she is fed and my own experience with my children has been breastfeeding so I can't really comment of what is normal for a bottle fed baby. You must be pretty exhausted with the reflux - especially if you are doing some breastfeeding, but even if you aren't I know (only secondhand as my niece had it) how incredibly time consuming and demoralising it can be. I think the longer sleeps are really just a matter of tummy size - as she grows her tummy will hold more and she will go longer. I know that doesn't offer any easy answers for now but (after 4 of my own) I'm not convinced there are any and I think a lot of new parents are, yes really tired, but also really stressed by the idea that they are doing something wrong because their baby isn't sleeping all night. Sadly health visitors are often pretty unhelpful and seem to expect all babies to sleep through at 12 weeks which is crazy. This early time is really exhausting but it does pass and meanwhile you are giving her everything she needs - she is fed, loved, she sleeps, she gets cuddles. Even in 1 years time she will so much more independent of you, playing with her toys, finger feeding etc - you will never have the chance again to do so much for her and while it might drive you crazy now, believe it or not you might miss it when it is over! My only tip is to try and get a nap when she does - even if it means the house is a tip and you get no housework done - it wont be for long and it is worth it to look after your own health and wellbeing. I hope this doesn't sound smug - I have struggled with the early days with every baby and only with the last one did I get the sense of perspective to tell me it would be over soon. I know how swamped you can feel in the middle of things, especially with a complication like reflux making it harder work. All the best to you.


Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply to me. Thank you for your encouraging words, they have made me feel better, I'm surrounded by people who have babies that sleep through, this is my forst baby so any advice is appreciated.she was only 5lb born so she's doing well. The reflux is hard but were dealing with it and she's such a happy baby. Feel blessed to have her. Ill relax a bit now as know I'm doing a good job. Thank you very much :-)

Ps I know what you mean about the health visitors!


My son is 16 weeks & still not sleeping through!! He gets last bottle at 7, then bed for 7.45ish, that's him till about 3/4am. He is extending it by himself - the 4am is new, it used to be 2 then up at 5.30 for the day!! I much prefer 4 & up at 7!! & although I'm exhausted I can see its getting better!! Hopefully she'll give you a few more hours soon.

(I don't believe all these friends that say their children are sleeping through the night!!!)


7.45 until 3/4 is good, that's a good 8 hours ish I guess it's just a waiting game hopefully she will sleep for longer soon. Thanks for replying :-)


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