Braxton hicks and upset tummy at 30+3

I'm 30weeks and this is my 3rd pregnancy so I should be an old hand at this but this is the 1st pregnancy that I've suffered with braxton hicks!? I've been getting them pretty much the whole way through, I've told my midwife and she said its normal, problem is the past week they've been getting quite painful and causing me to have diahhorrea (sorry tmi) I've had no show and they're not frequent just really horrible dull, achy period pains which at times leave me feeling nauseas. I'm wondering if this could be a sign that maybe little man may decide to make an early arrival?? I've had steroid injections and according to my growth scans he's already a big boy (not huge but over the 50th centille) so it won't be a massive problem if he does arrive early!

Little confused?? Advice anyone??

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  • Hi hun I recently just had my third baby and my midwife said to me over and over third babies are unpredictable- and he was only one to be late, the smallest and I was only 3cm wen arrived at hosp and he in my arms hour and half later lol but braxton hicks arent 'supposed' to Hurt so if you are worried there absolutely no harm in getting checked over :-) good luck hun xx

  • Hi. This is my 1st baby but I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and getting exactly what u described also. Saw my midwife yesterday and she said she will be surprised if I last til my next appointment with her in 2 we shall see lol.

  • Have u spoken to ur midwife about it? Sounds Like something could be going on. .. Did u have the steriods for baby's lungs? Was It because they were worried u might be early? I had a show with my second at 32 weeks and contractions which they stopped and I had the steriods for baby lungs just in case and then had it with my third nearly 10 years later at 32 weeks!. They Stopped them again and he came 9 days early but I had regular braxton hicks every 10 minutes they were never painful just very tight and uncomfortable but I'm very aware of braxton hicks now!

  • Thanks ladies, I've spoken to the midwife last week she's not too concerned and said my bodies having a harder time due to this being my 3rd pregnancy and falling pregnant again 10weeks after having my son. I was given steroids due to having OC in my other pregnanciesx my last one resulting in my son being stillborn, so if it flares up again they'll induce me straight away to be on the safe side, I'm kind of hoping ill just go on my own before hand, if I did now I probably wouldn't let them stop my labour and I don't think they would try to anyway. Xx

  • Hi I was the same with my 3rd - it was the first one I really knew about the Braxton Hicks. They are to do with toning the uterus up so they are more likely to be stronger and more uncomfortable in later pregnancies when the uterus needs a bit of help to get back into pushing condition I think. I hope all goes well really well for you, it must be an anxious time. x

  • Thank you, all seems well so far, just being super cautious and intune with everything! Thankyou everyone. Xx

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