Physio dept said I don't meet the criteria!

Unbelievable...I received a letter today saying I didn't meet the criteria for dr referred me because of my spd, siatica and hip basically I have to suffer ..or take painkillers...which I really don't want to do! I'm seeing my consultant next week so hopefully she can do something about it...I'm getting a parking permit so I can drive to take my boys to school even thou its a 5 minute walk it was taking me 10-15 mins the last few days before they broke up... So I dread to think what I'm going to be like in sept when they go back ill still have 6 weeks left! Arrrggghhhhhhh

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  • Oh no!!!NHS is so crap!!!i feel for you (and me as well).i've been suffering from spd since week 24 and sometimes it gets so bad that i cant get up(it hurts so much that i could hust scream!!).i went for physio (self-refferal over here), but tbh my physiotherapist wasnt great.what she suggested was painkillers,sitting on the ball,going on my knees,etc.basically i need to wait till i give birth(if i can lol as cant even do my legs apart).but there is no guarantee that it will go away!i felt dissapointed when i talked to my consultant about it as to her its nothing...i dont know if its something to do with her being from Pakistan.(she was suggesting that every women needs to go through this like in her country!).honestly i nearly lost it then.and i have to see her again next week!this time i'm gonna stick to my guns and say what i think and why i want c section.i thought about going somewhere further as i could make a long list of complains(being in the risk of miscarrying my baby after the lap.i only had 5appointements with midwifes-3different ones!)but i just dont have energy right now.i hope your pain will ease somewhow.sorry i dont have any cure for the pain.but i'd suggest you to ring PALS and they will advise you what to do xx

  • It's Horrible isn't it. ...Ii have good days and bad days though today is a bad day... had to run to the door as my 5 year old answered to someone knocking! Not Good:( I'm of its really bad by the end I'll be asking for a section. .. cos I've had one before hopefully they won't put me off. .. my friend sister in law said she has a band which helped her so she is seeing if she still has it.... fingers crossed x

  • Is rubbish, but it might be that physio just wouldn't be able to help? I haven't got spd, thankfully and feel very sorry for anyone who does. However I broke my back some years ago and have nerve impingement because of it running through my hip. Some days the pain is intolerable and sometimes I can't use my leg at all. Before I was pregnant this would be eased by sessions of intensive physiotherapy, however now the physio won't go anywhere near, and says it is a case of painkillers (depending what your doc says is ok) and light exercise. Some walking, swimming if can etc. Heat can help ease pain, but have to be careful with that too, a hard mattress helps me a little but it doesn't work for everyone, and stairs are an absolute killer, so its lifts and escalators if we are out anywhere. Don't know if this helps at all. Do keep on at the docs though as they may be able to come up with ideas that may help x

  • Oh Bless u that sounds painful... walking for me makes it worse but I'm going to take the boys swimming next week so I'll try and do a bit.... I've got no one to have the boys so I can't go now cos it's the holidays :(

  • It is not fair that we women carry extra weight and still have other pains..its worth to try with the belt.i was surprised that my physiotherapist did not say anything about it.she mentioned using crutches.but i get bad pins of needles and dont think that would help..i feel guilty sometimes as i always was so active and went out with my son on the bike,roller skates i cant do those things..and our baby's due is 2days before his b'day!i promised him when his sister is born i'll make up for all the time i was poorly.x

  • It's Horrible isn't it I took my boys to a soft ball place this morning but after an hour my Back was aching so much I couldn't wait to leave. ..I get pins and needles sometimes in my toes and arms and hands. .. had a headache all day today. ... if I get induced this little one will be coming the day before my sons birthday! I Find out next week. .. unless he decides to make an earlier appearance anytime after 36 weeks I don't mind! My friend bless her has just offered to come over next week to help with household chores. .. being incapacitated is frustrating and having the 6 weeks holidays is stressful with my 2 little livewires they have so much energy!

  • I don't know whether it'll be much help but my midwife has suggested I go to see the aromatherapy midwife that's based in our local area to ease my back pain. I'm not in any way as much pain as you but I work in a job where I'm on my feet all day & I'm really starting to feel it at 26 weeks. Might be worth checking if there is one near you? Even if it doesn't ease the pain it might be nice to be pampered?! I've also heard it can be beneficial during labour and reduce recovery time after birth. Worth a thought :) chin up & hope you get something sorted x

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