Need an advice ASAP

Went to d doc yestaday for my first appt,on d course of our discussion I was told to go for blood test,bt then I think she mentioned me dropping my urine sample for some tests to be carried out,I forgot to ask d doc if I was to do dt immediately yestaday or later,my questn is should I uh dropped d urine sample yesterday or its for anoda day? Wil be goin for d blood test today so incase I need to do it I can just pop in at d gp and drop it....tanx,anxiously waiting for ur reply

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  • Hi hun I would drop urine sample in.all done then huni xxx

  • Ok tanx luv,will go do dt asap,really appreciate

  • No difference if it is done a day apart. Just drop the urine sample next time you are in.

  • Ok...tanx

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