5 weeks pregnant, bad cramps

Help !

Im 5 weeks 1st baby, starting to get mild cramping stabbing pains on my right side next to my hip, just a bit worried and if anyone else felt this so early on help please


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10 Replies

  • Always best to get pain checked out. . But Can be normal...u can get period pains. ..I think sometimes u can geta cyst on the ovary which again can be normal but I would pop to ur g.p tmw they can arrange foru to have a scan x

  • I had this aswell, had a small cyst which was causing me pain & it was also around the time my period is due. Wouldn't do any harm to ring your doc or midwife but they will prob tell you too early for a scan and so long as no bleeding nothing to worry about. Those first 12 weeks are terrifying, every tiny thing sends you into a panic or it did with me. Hopefully nothing. Good luck x

  • I have no blood, but very dizzy! Not sure if this is part of it either!! It is very worrying lol x

  • Are you are drinking plenty? dehydration might explain dizziness, also make you more prone to constipation which might be relative to abdominal cramps.

  • Yeah i drink alot.! Especially now anyway x

  • Lol that's great! Hope your problem is soon resolved x

  • Hi, I had exactly the same. It did make me worry but upon reading loads of different advice I now know it is because your womb is growing and changing so rapidly, it is bound to give you some mild cramps. I had them every day but I am now nearly 10 weeks and maybe only get them every few days for just a very short period. It is nothing at all to worry about. I would only check with the doctor if they are accompianed by any bleeding. With regards to the dizziness, yes this is a symptom which I had too. Just make sure you do not get up to quick and make sure you are eating well. Lots of fruit and healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar up :)

  • Thank you very much

  • I've had them too, this is my third pregnancy and I've had this every time from very early on, they seem to ease around 9-10 weeks. Strangely, I've also had the pains swap sides too. But do check it out if you're worried because there may be other reasons.

  • Hello! Here's the article about what you should and shouldn't feel at the 5th week: motherhow.com/5-weeks-pregn... I hope it'll help!

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