SO so tired at 8 weeks and can't get in control of morning sickness this time around

I'm new to this so apologies if I waffle. I'm 8 weeks with my 5th pregnancy. I've had a normal first pregnancy then a m/c at 20weeks, another normal pregnancy and then this year another m/c at 11 weeks. I'm still trying for that number three and am now pregnant again. However at 8 weeks I am completely floored by morning (ha - all day and night) sickness. Worse than any other pregnancy and coupled with being so tired that I can't move off the sofa for hours I'm starting to get really worried that there is something really wrong. I'm obviously looking after two kids so that can be tiring, but they are actually pretty self entertaining (given the fact that I have to sleep at least 2 or 3 hours during the day they have to be) so I don't think that has too much to do with it. Also I've never ever thrown up in early pregnancy, but I'm constantly on the verge with this pregnancy (managing so far not to be sick as I guess it's not going to help). And another thing (sorry!) that's starting to stress me out is that I am really big too. I'm about 4 months size wise compared to my other pregnancies. I'm stressing about nothing right? Just seeking some reassurance that third time round is bound to be worse symptom wise...


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  • Hi,

    Im currently "battling" with a 2nd time around pregnancy, I'm now 25+ wks with a 4yr old son. Although everything seems to be going well in regards to baby's health, movements & so on I can understand what you may be feeling with just being flawed with tired-ness & lack of motivation.

    It probably doesn't help the fact that the kids are now on this ever-lasting summer break from school.

    The best advise I could give you would to be hold on for a few more weeks & the sickness should rectify itself as the placenta takes over from all those ranging hormones.

    in regards to your weight I would say this is the time when we have a good enough excuse to pile on the pounds as we are technically carrying & nurturing another human being inside our bodies so try not to stress too much about that just yet.

    I've personally never suffered with any miscarriges but also try not to dwell on the past as you may find it only elevates as the pregnancy goes on which in the long run wont be good for either yourself's health & the baby's

    all the best


  • I've always saw my sickness as a positive sign that baby is doing, even if I cant stand it while im huddled over the toilet bowl lol, i do appreciate it later as its a constant reminder that things are going well and the bun is still baking in the oven xx

  • I was more sick with my daughters than my sons.. my second daughter I was really bad it was horrible couldn't eat or drink anything till about 4pm everyday..... what have u already got? Or.. Could be twins! U should pop and see g.p add they can prescribe medication to stop ur being sick. .. if its really bad then u could become dehydrated so best to see ur dr x

  • And the tirednese sounds normal I'm absolutely exhausted some days are better than others but then do too much when I feel ok and takes it out of me for a couple of days.... just test whenu can and have early nites x

  • Thanks. The last 24 hours I've barely been able to move. Feel like a zombie with the worst hangover ever. I've had sickness before but this is so off the scale. Just hope everything is fine and if it is, that this sickness does go away sooner rather than later.

  • Also, is it also completely normal to have the MOST excessive and horrific wind? (I really hope none of you have to sit next to me for more than an hour) Honestly, I feel like I've got most of the worst symptoms and nothing of the good so far. My hair is shedding buckets, I itch, feel bloated and generally completely pants. I'm waiting on the acne to start to top off my appearance just in time for a big family wedding. Ergh. But yes, I am completely thrilled to be pregnant - truly. Sorry rant over.

  • Yes I'm afraid feeling chock full of gas is a symptom. I was so bloated that I felt like I was showing at 9 weeks when it was really just a massive fart! Activia can help... But only a bit xx

  • I have just joined after an evening of googling and coming across your post. I am 8 weeks with my 3rd ( normal first pregnancy and a miscarriage at 13 weeks this year) and I feel horrific. I am also suffering with all day nausea, bloating, wind, constipation, and extreme exhaustion. Also massive issues with smells, all my air freshness etc have been banished to the garden, even deodorant makes me want to be sick :-(

    My 2 year old also started with a tummy bug today which has been so trying, poor thing.

    I spoke to my GP this morning and she advised isotonic drinks such as still lucozade for the nausea and fatigue which have helped a small amount and I am just resting where I can, but would love to know what people suggest for the bloating as it is so uncomfortable.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. X

  • That sounds very similar. My smell is also so heightened this time round. I have had to move the nappy bin so I can't smell it in the house (it's one of those self sealing ones so very little smell gets out). Cooking smells are a massive trigger for feeling sick, as are car journeys. To be honest I am feeling best in the mornings when I've not eaten. I've even tried not eating and I do feel ok, but then I'm just really hungry! Maybe it's because of the pregnancy this year? (I would have been due now, had that one worked out) Now it's February / March. My only tips for bloating are wearing really loose clothes and to lie down. Seems to make me feel better when I'm on my back too.

  • That is such an interesting point that I hadn't considered. I would be 8 monts pregnant now if it had all gone to plan so perhaps there is something in that? I sent my husband to holland and barrats today for ginger capsules, sickness wrist bands and ginger tea and since taking a capsule and putting the wristbands on I have managed to eat some chicken and rice!! Will try some roll on deodorant and going to get some Unscented hand soap too as that is really making me gag! Did you do any better today? X

  • oh also - I have switched to a crystal stick instead of a deodorant (my god the smell of anything like that - hand soap and perfumes are out too) Think it's called rocstick.

  • You have severe pregnancy sickness (lack of vomiting does not mean you don't have pregnancy sickness, severe nausea is enough of a diagnostic measure) which may turn into hyperemesis gravidarum if it's not treated. You almost certainly need immediate, effective treatment with antiemetic medication. Don't be surprised if you get crappy advice from your GP (as with one of the previous posters) as the education of GPs and midwives in this country on the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum and severe pregnancy sickness is woeful. This is a situation which the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support ( are trying to rectify with healthcare professional education. PSS also run a UK wide support network where you can access support from a volunteer who has suffered from HG herself and knows exactly how you feel, and will not advise you try useless 'remedies' like ginger and tea biscuits. Unfortunately, if you do have HG, it will get worse before it gets better and will almost certainly last beyond 12 weeks. My own research shows that for most women HG improves somewhere around the middle of pregnancy, but symptoms last for the whole pregnancy in over 50% of cases. The results of my research can be seen at The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to find a doctor who will give you proper treatment, PSS can help with this by looking up their database of HG-friendly doctors to see if there is one in your area. There's also advice on accessing treatment at What you are suffering is not normal, it may or may not be a sign of a healthy pregnancy but that's no reason why you should be forced to suffer it without help, safe, effective treatments exist and they are available in the UK. The NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary (there's a link in the previous link I posted) specifically states that quality of life should be taken into account when a woman asks for help with pregnancy sickness and that antiemetic medication should be prescribed when lifestyle changes, dietary measures and non-pharmacological remedies have failed.

  • Oh my... am just reading through the site and so many things are resonating with me. The list of solids is pretty much all the things that I have been craving and have been eating (never bothered with ginger - I usually love it but during each pregnancy I can't stand it). I have been trying to listen to my body and go with the foods that it doesn't seem to have a bad reaction to. I usually hate a lot of the food on the list. Things like crisps and the ice creams / lollies are things I never ever eat and I've had a few of them this past week without a bad reaction. The B6 vitamin making a difference might be true also for me as I seem to feel better once I've had my pregnancy vitamins, so much so that I delay it till later in the day when I feel worse. So, I think I'll be booking into the doctors asap. I fear I may need to fight a little to get heard though so I'll keep reading up through the site to prep myself. Thanks again. I feel hope!

  • Wow Lyracat. I may have to follow up on your advice. It doesn't feel normal to me but actually today, for the first time in a while, I do feel better. Not great but more in the usual pregnancy scope of sick. I didn't eat too much, and what I did eat was all veg or bread. Only drunk water of milk. I have an early scan tomorrow so that all being well (of course I'm not worried that I'm not miserably sick! My poor husband thinks I'm completely batty) I will be checking out more on HG - I had totally ruled that out as I haven't ever been sick. But actually, why should how strong my stomach is make a difference - even if I eat something dodgy I rarely vomit.

    Ladn - I too would be 8 months if the earlier pregnancy had gone ok. One of the things they sometimes quote is that it takes 9 months to get over a pregnancy and at least the term that it would have been if it does m/c (i.e. you need to be past your original due date before your body is fully back to normal. Not sure I totally agree as I felt fine physically fairly soon after - but maybe. Anyhow, I will check out HG. And to think I scoffed at Kate Middleton when she went into hospital with it. This is karma coming back to bite me.

  • I'm glad you found it useful. It's great you had a good day and ate and drank something, that's a good sign that maybe it's not HG, just the severe end of pregnancy sickness - I know it probably doesn't feel like 'just' anything, but women with full on HG who aren't on medication have usually been on a drip by 8 weeks and can't eat or drink anything at all. You can still ask for antiemetics though as that can help you to 1. feel better, 2. Limit the severity and 3. Limit the duration of the condition. The treatment pages on the PSS website are downloadable as leaflets if you wanted to take them to your doctor to help make your case. It's crap that you have to make a case as the NICE guidelines are quite clear about the need to prescribe but lots of doctors have the heebie jeebies about prescribing so much as a paracetamol to pregnant women. These are not for any scientific or real reasons, they're just paranoid. the Royal College of Obs and Gynae position on antiemetics is that they are safe, I know the doctor who just wrote a research update on this but I'm not sure if its gone out to GPs yet.

  • Could it be twins? :)

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