I've had three miscarriages in the last seven years and for a while it seemed like I wouldnt be able to concieve and carry a baby. This month we used Clomid for the first time. Two days ago I discovered I was pregnant.

I'm terrified.

I'm so scared that I will miscarry again. Is there anything I can do to help not miscarry? I'm so so scared at the moment. I'm trying to be 'sensible' as my husband is worried about us both! But its so difficult to be sensible when the fear is non logical.

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Hi hun congratulations! Its completely understandable to be scared I was when I was pregnant with my daughter after two mc's I now have three healthy beautiful children. Take care of yourself andstay ppositive xx


Many many congratulations! Perhaps one thing that may help you is counselling as stress is not helpful. Please talk to your midwife about getting access to such services.


Thank you everyone, I shall try not to stress , but I am scared. I've got a scan at the Early Pregnancy Clinic tomorrow as I've been having light cramps. I really hope that everything is all fine and I will post to let everyone know if everything us good.



Really hoping everything goes well for you at the scan today. I've only managed to get pregnant twice in the last five years of trying and both times was on Chlomid. Sadly I also lost the first pregnancy so completely understand your fear and anxiety. Miscarriage is heartbreaking but it is compounded when you have also experienced issues with fertility. My consultant advised with this pregnancy that I take 75mg aspirin a day (baby aspirin). For some of us there is a medical theory (I don't really understand it) but something to do with blood clotting in the uterus which may cause the miscarriage. The aspirin therefore thins the blood. It might be worth talking to your doctor about it. I don't know if it is the aspirin that has made the difference or if this one was just meant to be, but I'm now 34 weeks pregnant. Worth asking the question. Thinking of you today. Xxx


Firstly congratulations. I can see how you my be stressed and worried but take it easy and enjoy every step. Can you shed some light on clomid? I've never heard of it and I've got a friend who has been trying for years and miscarried at 6 months pregnant. It may be something for her to consider. :-)


Eeeeee!!!!! I'm so excited. I had my scan and it showed the pregnancy and all seems fine. Its in the right place and it seems okay. I have another scan a week on Friday to check for the heartbeat, but its great. I'm so so happy that it seems okay. Still scared about miscarrying, but at least its okay so far.


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