missed my period. need help, am i pregnant

i had unprotected sex on the 18th of june and i tested 2 weeks after it was negative and then 2 weeks later also negative , the doctors done a pregnancy test using urine but i thought it could still be to early but was unsure so i had unprotected sex on the 13th of july i was due my period around the 18th but still no sign im really confused when could i do another test ?? and could i be pregnant already ? also i am having alot of discharge sorry for the detail.

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  • Hi hun.its hard to say.the best is to do another test.it sounds like you wanna get pregnant :) maybe wait another week.you could be pregnant...(i had a discharge on the beginning) i knew when i was pregnant mainly because i had loads of spots on my face lol. Good luck :)

  • Think u need to have a blood test done, if you still haven't had ur period I'm sure ur dr will sendu for a blood test x

  • i think you need to have a blood test, u may not have a period because of stress and high coffee intake, so try and take it easy x

  • Wait a week and retest first thing in the morning OR ask you GP to take bloods to check your HCG levels if they are higher than 25 then you will be in the early stages of pregnancy.

  • I think you done them test way too early, it might be your imagination cause it seem like you want to get pregnant so bad n it might be that your pregnant, you need to calm down get your mind off it for a week n do another test after a week, cause I know people that miss there period for 3months n thought they were pregnant because they always think about it every secont n there body reacted to the way she was thinking so you need to be patient n do wait for a week to do another test might be hard but you got to

  • Thanks a lot :)

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