Miscarraige - Feeling Numb ;-(


I wasnt sure if i was ever going to come back to the group, i was posting loads of questions about my beautiful pregnancy then suddently i found myself having my second miscarraige and feeling totally numb and scare about my future... I went to a support group in London yesterday and heard all these terrible and sad stories ( Worse than me ) .. I just kept crying all the time and thinking WHY WHY WHY?!! Then suddently this woman started telling us her story ( After 3 miscarraiges - She now has a beautiful son )... She said she was there to give us HOPE! ... I went home, got naked in from of my bathroom mirror and saw my tummy again for the first time, it was so emotional.. and felt as if it was my very first time looking at the mirror... Anyway, am just taking little steps and hoping that i can give my husband strenght and love... as he is very down at the moment too. I have done so much research on the net trying to find an answer but ... Am already exhausted! ... I really don't know what to do next...

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  • So sorry to hear about your loss. I think you are very strong and brave facing this time in your life with such positivity, seeking support and help. I don't really have anything massively useful to say I'm afraid. I just wanted to tell you to keep strong and continue to let yourselves grieve to give yourselves a chance to move forward.

    Take care xx

  • Thank you ;-)x

  • So sorry for your loss, i know exactly what your going through :(

    I have had 2 miscarrages (both ended before 10 weeks) and am now 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I am a little worried although the first scan was a success and we saw baby, but i guess there will always be that worry.

    All i can say is to give yourself time to grieve (you and your husband) before you try again. I think the first time i didnt give myself time to grieve, which i do regret.

    You will have a successful pregnancy, it may take time, it may not even take tht long, but dont ever think its your fault so please dont blame yourself.

    I know its hard and you feel like crap at the moment, but this will pass and you and your husband must stick together and dont let this tear you apart (as you both will be feeling stressed, angry and all kind of other emotions)

    I hope this helps you a bit and fingers crossed for next time xx

  • Thank you so much for your kind words! xxx They mean a lot! ;-)

  • Each day will get better... Wow... Thank u xxx

  • Stop looking on the internet for answers that is your first step, I think it makes people more paranoid and worry about things they dont need to.

    I had a mc before xmas then never had a period for 14 weeks so thought I had started the menapause but I fell pregnant again even though I had done a negative home test.

    When you feel ready to start trying then do it, dont dwell on the past as pregnancy is out of everyones control and it is natures way of sorting your body out. You and you OH need sometime together can you book a holiday or short break somewhere?

    My husband treated me to a night away after xmas and I think that is when I conceived :-) There is hope out there and you have got to keep your chin up and keep yourself fighting for what you want.

  • You are right! I will promise myself to stop looking for things on the internet... Is so weird as there isnt that much info... on what to do next! My husband and i went for a weekend away too! But on the way back we were on the train and a couple with a beautiful baby sat next to us... I started crying again!! Can you believe it? One minute am fine... then ...am crying again ;-) Thanks for your kind words! xxx

  • So sorry you had to go through that. I've had three miscarriages, one seven years ago, and two in the last two years. I found out two days ago that I am pregnant again, six weeks, and I'm terrified. We have a scan tomorrow to see if everything is okay, and since we used Clomid, to check if there are multiples. But the terror of another miscarriage is there.

    I know how it feels though, to lose a pregnancy, and how much it hurts. I will never forget my previous pregnancies, but it can and does slowly get better. *huge hugs*

  • All my very best for tomorrow's scan! Keep smiling! ;-) xx

  • Hiya, it has been ages since I've been online, have tried to rest and look after myself after everything. How are you?! I was reading your message now and hoping that your pregnancy is doing well. Love, Xx

  • You are giving me so much Hope! and i thank you from the bottom of my heart! xxx

  • I am really sorry and sad for what you are going through. But I am going to focus on something positive: your eagerness to find an answer, deal with it and try again. If you can, try to see a specialist like Prof Lesley Regan at St Mary's hospital in London who specialises in helping women like yourself.

  • I'm really sorry to hear about your miscarriages and how much you are suffering. I lost my first baby 5 weeks ago at 19+4 wks. What has really helped me is knowing so many people who've lost babies and that I'm not the only one. It has stopped the anger and the "why me" because I know it happens to a lot of people. I think you should stop looking for an answer because you won't necessarily find one. It's good that you've sought help from others, it's really important to have support and people to talk to who understand. Just because you've lost another baby, it doesn't mean that the next pregnancy won't be successful. Make sure you take time to heal emotionally and physically. We are all here to lend an ear if you need. Take care. xx

  • Hi, How are you feeling now? Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, I am taking day by day... I was crying so much on tuesday but am a little better today... ;-) Are you going to try again? I don't want to try again until i see a doctor...

  • So sorry to hear you news and glad that you are getting support from those around you and this site. Thinking of you both x

  • ;-) xx

  • Hi I like you have had two miscarriages, one at 18 weeks in January and one at 12 weeks in June. I was prescribed progesterone and Metformin from the start of my second pregnancy and still that ended in miscarriage. Its the most heartbreaking thing to deal with so I totally understand how you feel. All you can do is take it minute by minute, day by day. It WILL get easier, and you will go through the grieving 'process', you need to give your body and head some time, it has been through a lot. Make time for you and your husband to talk through what has happened and make time just to start getting close again, hold hands, cuddle, be a couple again. You will get through this, its really hard at first , but you will get there. Time is a great healer, you wont ever get over it, but you will learn how to cope and deal with what you have been through. I wish you only happiness in the future. xx

  • Thank you so much for replying to me... I am taking little steps and i am feeling much better now... I have been referred by my doctor to an expecialist in recurrent miscarraiges... so am hoping they will know what to do. Are you going to try again? I feel so scare and cant really think about trying again.... best wishes xxx

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