Help spotting for 10 days now

Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant today. I started with a bleed and blood clot on the 19th July. That was a Friday night I went to the hospital where I could not be seen on the maternity ward as there was no doctors available. So I had to go and spend from 8pm till 12am sat in a&e. the bleeding was not heavy however this was both mine and my husbands first pregnancy so we where not knowing what to expect. From a&e they gave me a urine sample and booked me in for a scan on the Monday morning. So terrified we left not knowing what had happened to our baby. I thank fully called up my midwife on the Saturday morning who came over that day and thankfully we heard a heart beat, what made both of us feel slightly better. We where both just wanting to find out if everything was ok on that Monday. So we went for the scan and everything with baby was fine what made us both very happy. The consultant we saw then was the most unhelpful person I had ever meet. He was full of cold and I was having to ask all the questions. He told me that I had got a blood clot and that I had to wait for it to pass. However when I read the sonographers notes she had put no clots blood in vagina close to cervix. The reason for me posting on hear is that was 1 week ago. I have had spotting all week and then another bleed again today. I am wondering if I should ask for more answers or just wait and see. Thank you to everyone in advance who gives advice. Oh it's all old blood not new.

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  • Ring the maternity unit up for some advice then see what they say. .. tell them what the consultant said and if no joy ring ur midwife in morn or pop and see ur g.p u should have another scan really... horrible going through the bleeding. ... such a worry for u.. hope u get sorted out asap xx

  • Thank you. I will call my midwife first thing tomorrow morning so I could hopefully get a scan done soon.

  • Hi I agree with babymother

  • I had this at 8weeks. I woke at 2am to find that i was bleeding fresh blood and wasnt cramping. My hubby was on night shift and i called him in a panick and hysterics. He raced home and we both phoned the 111 helpline where a doc called back within minutes and told us to visit a&e. we waited and we waited from 3:30am until 8am when we were finally called through. By the time I had been called the bleeding had chnged to old blood but we were still worried all the same. I was rushed to the epau for a scan and our sonographer pointed out that I had had a hemorrhage just below the gestational sac and that all was fine. They warned me that I may get a few waves of old blood coming out but not to worry otherwise.

    Just like u, I bled old blood constantly for around 7-10days. Since then I've had no trouble, and my 12wk scan during the middle of last week showed that we have a beautiful baby rolling around in there, mainly sleeping lol. I hope my story can give u a little bit of comfort. As long as its all old blood u will be fine, but all signs of fresh blood, get ur butt back into a&e xx

  • Thank you for sharing it means a lot to me and I will call the midwife in the morning xxx

  • Hi huni I had a bleed at 17weeks with my youngest son I was petrified I got to the hospital thinking the worst especially as id had a miscarriage at 20wks and at8 ppreviously but midwife was great found heartbeat straight away then had a speculum :-\ blood was coming from cervix but was very light he took swabs and said if any infection etc they be in touch and u heard nothing.i had 'old blood' coming out for about a week maybe a little longer then it stopped and went on to have my son at 40+3. Sometimes these things just happen for no reason but if you are worried give the maternity unit a call huni xxxx

  • Thank you so much. That really puts my mind at rest. I think I will ask them to check for infection as no one has so far.

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