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Braxton hicks!

Hi ladies hope all are well. Im 36 weeks now and been getting like period cramping for 11 days until 2 nights ago I was in the worst pain I had ever felt with it I was literally crying crawling on my hands and knees being sick. It lasted on and off for an hour and half but then it stopped I managed to fall asleep and have not felt no pain since but still the heavy period pressure feeling. My hips feel as if they are going to pop Out The socket its so uncomfortable . Is it really possible for braxton hicks to feel that painful. Has anyone experiencd this or anything similar?? Im obviously not in pre term labour as it went away and not came back im still feeling baby wriggling around

P.s I did fall top to bottom from the stairs 4 days ago but lucky didnt go head 1st was on my bottom/back and believe me I have a cracking bruise as evidence lol

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U should of got checked over if u had a nasty fall that could of kicked off some contractions give mat triage a call and see what they say


You cud b in early stages of labour..this can go on for weeks but as babymother said I would of personally called the maternity day unit if u fell. I was really sick when I had bad bk and my mw said if the pain makes me sick shud of got checked out x


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