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why can't i feel any kicking?

Hi everyone hope you are all well. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on baby movement? I am 23 + 4 and really not feeling much at all. In the last 2 weeks i have felt the fluttering and "popcorn" sensation that people talk about but most people seem to get this around 16-18 weeks. There is no definite signs of kicking. At 20 week scan all was fine, no problems so far and i am certainly growing well!!! Pre pregnancy i was a size 14/16 and had quite a big tummy anyway and i just presumed a bit of extra fat is why i haven't felt anything as soon as most people, but by nearly 24 weeks i would have thought i'd be feeling regular, stronger movements?

Also i've just been contacted by birmingham hospital to say results of my blood tests showed a low count of antibodies in my system and she wants me to go in and discuss possible treatments for this as need to be careful that baby is passed enough antibodies to fight any infections in the first few months before they start producing their own.

Both these things have got me totally fedup and very tearful and upset in the last few days. if anyone has any advice i would really appreciate it.

Thanks very much xx

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Im 24 weeks today and have felt my baby move since 18 weeks . I was size 6 when I got pregnant im now a size 8 so still thin which maybe why I can feel so much ao soon . Im sure ur baby is fine as u have felt the popcorn fluttring like sensation so thats a good sign right. I hope all is well good luck :)


Sorry i cant really provide any advice with the antibodies query

In regards to movements i only felt little flutters and as my cousin explained it an "inside trump" as if you are holding it in, for weeks and then from what i can remember they started to fade a little. Midwifes don monitor movement till 28 weeks as baby still has plenty of space to move around in there, and at 28 weeks they say you should be feeling around 10 movements in a 12 hour period, the advice given to me at your stage of pregnancy is that baby may have quieter days, also they maybe lying closer to your back so you wont feel as much, i was 30 weeks yesterday and trust me it comes, only in the past 3-4 weeks have i found that im having proper kicks and they are starting to hurt abit now aswell but as long as they are there i dont care, you'll get there honestly, and they will gradually get so much more noticable. Plus if like me this is your first you have no idea what your waiting for

x x x


Hiya. I was a size 12 before pregnancy but I felt the baby fluttering and bubbling from very early and more distinctive kicks from about 16 weeks or so. Basically everyone is different. You are feeling movements and your scan was good so that's all a good sign :D one day you will get a proper boot and it'll make you jump and then there is no ending the assault lol.

Try not to worry too much about it all and just stay aware of the movements normal for you and your bubba :D


Sorry i also cant offer much advise about the antibodies as ive personally never experienced a low blood count but it seems as if the relevant NHS staff have anaylised it well & are willing to discuss the results with you.

In regards to the baby's movement im now 25+ wks with my 2nd child & i still experience quiet days when i dont feel much at all & then as evening dawns i get allsorts of stretching/ somersaulting movements. It could also have something to do with the baby's position as to why you dont feel much but i wouldnt worry too much as its important to go with your gut feelings "in these situations"

P.S I also live in the city of birmingham & i will most likley deliver my baby at City hospital


Its nice to have a local on here :-)


I didn't feel any movement or kicking at all until about 21/22 weeks. I was really worried too, so I understand how you are feeling. When I had my 20 week scan I mentioned I hadn't been getting any movement and she told me not to start worrying until after 24 weeks and if you are still not getting any movement to go to midwife. So maybe just make an appointment for your midwife next week and she will be able to check heartbeat and it may stop u worrying. Hope u feel lots of kicks and jabs soon, good luck :)


Hello, please do not get upset. If you are a first time mum and carry a bit of fat around your tummy it takes a little longer to feel the baby. Saying that, you are already feeling it! This popcorn like sensation and gentle movement is what you should feel at this stage. The big kicks are coming later on!

As for the antibodies, although one cannot be sure since you don't mention what they are, I am sure it is not a big deal since they did not rush you in the hospital. It is probably one of the usual little things that come up in pregnancy and can be easily dealt with. You should ask your midwife to explain to you to put your mind at ease :-)


I was 24 weeks exactly when I felt my lil man move I also have anteria placenta so that also cushions the movements but at 29+5 weeks he's always on the go :) it will happen try not to stress too much I'm sure all is fine I no with your first baby worry is particularly high but I'm sure all is ok, I was also size 16-18 when I found out so extra weight can also be a factor xxx


I'm 23 + 5 today and the same as you, I'm not feeling a great deal. I have felt the odd bubble and ripple but nothing that I can definitely say is the baby. I am not overweight (size 8 pre-preg) so it's not always down to your weight. Like others have said, it could be where your placenta is. I know I have a low lying placenta but don't know if most of it is towards the front.

I tend to feel more 'movement' in the evening - particularly if i'm reclining in bed (not lay flat but lay back a bit); I suspect this is due to me being more relaxed.

I've read up quite a bit on this; yes, weight can come into it but generally, first time mommies do tend to feel it later and 'proper' kicks don't normally start till about 26+ weeks which is when the baby starts to have less room.

If you are really worried, contact your midwife x


It may be you have an anterior placenta? If your placenta is laying at the front (ie. near belly button!) it acts as a cushion for the blows and can make you not feel stronger movements til later.

Hope that helps and you have a healthy and happy pregnancy xXx

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Hey, I am 27w + 5days and I dont feel my baby moving around that much either. I didn't feel it until I was about 20+ weeks on my 3rd so i was so paranoid I bought a fetal doppler. I just listen in every night or morning for reassurance. Get one I really recommend it for peace of mind.


Omg i can feel where you are coming from. I am now 29 weeks pregnancy and I still only get the Odd sensations of a baby. I was 23 weeks before I felt anything. I had a really good 20 weeks scan and told about my worries and it turnes out I have got a very thick low laying placenta and thats why I dont feel much. At my 24 weeks scan she measured the distance from the babys foot to the place on my placenta where the feelings are and it was 6cm. My baby is moving a lot on all the scans i just cant feel it. Last week at my 28 weeks scan she was laying very far back as well. So try not to worry.


I have been advised that if you ever think your baby has stopped or isn’t moving enough you call the hospital straight away. Never leave it till the next day to see what happens ect.


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