Discharge and a few little niggling worries

Hello, im 30 weeks and 1 day, im feeling quite good after all my previous worries abput every little thing.

I do have a few concerns tho and was just wondering if anyone could give me their experiences or advice

throughout my pregnancy ive had discharge, sometimes quite a lot sometimes just a bitthe night before my 12 week scan i had a big clump of it i was already texting my cousin who has 2 children and she told me she had it throughout both pregnancies and quite a lot of it, everytime ive got myself a little worried about it ive spoken to the midwife or sent in a urine sample that has come back ok. However i have just spent the weekend in London with my boyfriend and his family and being a little country bumpkin wanted to see all the sights and did a lot of walking, woke up feeling well as didnt seem to warm, i had a loose fitting dress on to stay a cool as possible, i was fine most of the day although i noticed an increase in my discharge and the only way i can describe it was like "snot" i have had little bits of this before, sometimes its a cloudy white colour sometimes its completely clear, i do check and it doesnt smell, by 4pm my legs at the top were rubbing together and now i have huge rashes there, so i was doing some sweating down there and it had seriously warmed up (sorry tmi). I also have a friend who's not long since had a baby and she has said she had discharge through out as did another friend.

My next concern is my bump, sometimes (depending on what im wearing) i look huge, other times its a struggle to notice im pregnant, i had a midi dress on a few weeks ago, a few sizes bigger than my pre pregnancy size and a woman was like, wow when are you due, i said, October and she was like well you must be having triplets, but somedays like today for example, i dont feel any bigger than i was 6 weeks ago.

After the trip round London at the weekend, i was in absoulte agony with my groin area, really struggling to walk back from the train station, i have noticed over the past few weeks my back is troubling me a lot more and i get aches and pains in my tummy, i slept like a log on Saturday night after a very long day and woke up feeling amazing yesterday did the 4 hour drive home as the passanger as the boyfriend is home for 2 weeks from the Army :D and by time we relaxed in bed at 9pm last night to watch a film i was so uncomfortable

Little Ewan is kicking like crazy, finally got it on video last week, im sat at my desk now and a few minutes ago he was making my shirt move, pre pregnancy i was a healthy size 10-12 usually fluxuating between 10 and 10 1/2 stone, probably could have done with a little more exercise i admit but i did a similar trip in October last year and didnt end up in as much pain so definately pregnancy related i think. Now im 11 Stone 2 1/2 Ounces so not put on a miassive amount of weight and without blowing my own trumpet, i feel i am just bump, my boyfriends Aunt said at the weekend "you cant tell im pregnant from the back" and "im not very big"

Sorry for such a long boring and self indulgent post but was thinking over the weekend oh Monday i'll ask that oh and that so definately ended up being a huge post sorry but any advice would be so much appreciated

x x x


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10 Replies

  • You Sound like ur just right to me I'm due end Oct and I've put on 2 stone and I was 11 when I found out! Should be 10! But Hey Ho. . But with being active you notice how heavy your stomach feels and how uncomfortable u can get walking too much. ..I went to a bbq on sat and say on a dining room chair for a few hours and by the end I was so uncomfortable I had to go home. ..I ended up sorting on the floor soi could stretch out in the end and the pulling in my groin area was painful! I also find I have days when I think I'm not too big but others where petiole ask if I'm having twins! Discharge wise I think it's normal. . They say 2 stone is about right to put on and it means ur be back in ur clothes in no time! :)

  • ok, that reassures me somewhat thankyou, i was thinking of going swimming tonight, just to get some exercise but the late night swim is 9.15 i think i will be exhausted lol x x x

  • Increased discharge is common in pregnancy - you know all the right stuff - if it doesn't smell odd it is just a normal response to pregnancy hormones. I think the size of the bump is in the eye of the beholder - I have had people say things at both extremes for each pregnancy and now on my 5th (11wks) I have had at least 3 people ask if it is twins (to which the answer is 'who knows?' as I've not had the scan yet!) and other people say they can't tell yet that I'm pregnant! In terms of your back and groin ligament pains - have you thought about trying some pregnancy yoga? There are lots of classes about - I just got a DVD as I never really had time to make a class but it really helped with all the twinges and back ache - I've used it in each pregnancy since. Not too long now til you meet him and the niggles are all gone, hang in there!

  • i know i cant believe how quickly its all going, i remember joining this site at just over 4 weeks and was so jelous of how much further on everyone is than me, you are the first person to say the "not long to go" ahh so excited cannot wait for him to arrive, i will give the yoga a try definately, going to go swimming this evening with my partner, as long as its all normal i dont care just want my little Ewan here safely :) x x x

  • Oh and a tip if ur legs rub together rib some roll on on them it makes them just slide much better and no sweat :)

  • never heard of this but will most definately be giving it a try thankyou :) x x x

  • With my 2nd I suffered from Discharge terrible, it is really common when pregnant. Mine turned to Thrush late on and it was agonising.

    Just ignore what others say about your bump size, your stomach is on top of the bump so sometimes if you have had lunch then it can make you bump seem more rounder. I start off small in the morn then look like I am having triplets by bedtime ha.

  • thankyou lovely, i do think i need to start ignoring people a bit more as my mind is so confused with contradiciting info all the time x x x

  • Discharge: it is normal! If it is too much wear a pad liner. If you get worried about it, ask your GP or midwife for a test.

    Size: your weight gain is absolutely OK. Don't pay attention to stupid people saying stupid things. Is your midwife happy with your progress? That's all that matters!

    Groin area pain: normal for the ligaments in this area to stretch and cause pain.

    Back pain: normal too.

    It might help you to wear a maternity support belt or see a chiropractor that specialises in pregnancy. Also a tens machine may help you with the back pain.

  • Thankyou, just after i wrote this post i saw someone from the local shop not seen her for a while, she is pregnant aswell she asked me how far gone i was and she then followed it up with "oh your tiny, im nearly as big as you" she is 4 1/2 months" :( i went home quite upset told the other half, however when i was relaxing last night my little Ewan was doing something and my belly kept going tight and really funny shaped the OH thought it was his head, i thought it might have been his bum, was a little painful but as i keep saying i dont care as long as he is ok :)

    x x x

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