The Twinlets have been born- Thankyou everyone for your support throughout my pregnancy xxxx

Hi everyone,

After a very difficult week with lots and lots of problems my waters broke at 1:30am this morning, I was 33+5 days so they were intending to delay my labour till I got to 36 weeks if that was possible but unfortunately that wasn't to be and my gorgeous girls Abbie and Chloe were born at 9:54 and 10:22 this morning!!! I'm on cloud nine :) they're obviously in special care but they have very little problems which is amazing and Abbie weighs 4lb 6 Ozs and Chloe 4lb 13 Ozs so pretty good size babies :)

But just wanted to Thankyou all for your kind words of support during my many questions and posts, I'm sure you haven't heard the last of me lol!!

Thanks again Karen xxx


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26 Replies

  • Wow!!!congratulations hun!!!you must be so happy :) all the best for you and your little girls xx enjoy the motherhood xx

  • Thankyou very much Neska!! I'm so excited for what life has instore for me myself and my husbands life are complete :)

    Good luck to you too xx

  • Congratulations!! How lovely! So glad they are doing well and of course that you are as well! xx

  • Thankyou Fattyboom, not the easiest of labours but as soon as I got a peek of the babies all was forgotten definetely worth it xxx

  • Congrats bbe and there really good weights hope ur ok and any thing u need I'm always here x

  • Thankyou your help will be appreciated, I'm sure I will be firing some questions your way soon, good luck ;) x

  • Well done! Congratulations!!! Enjoy your girls :-)

  • Thankyou and I wish you the best Of luck in your pregnancy x

  • Awwrrrh!

    Well done hun, bet you're just so relived right now.

    Enjoy your beautiful girls


  • Wow! What lovely news to wake too.enjoy every second :-) big congratulations xxxx

  • Oh big congratulations... sounds like u couldn't of gone on much longer bless u... so glad babies are doing well. Great weights! All The Best to u all xx

  • Oh wow well done huni , logged on while I've got ten minutes piece and first post I saw. Amazing weights for 33weeks. Glad they were both delivered saftley into the world. Enjoy every minute Hun. Big congrats xx

  • congratulations!! love the names, absolutely beautiful. They were both crackin weights for twins. I hope u enjoy every second of motherhood xx

  • Congratulations enjoy every minute of them as they grow so quick and two lovely names

  • Congratulations! Well done, you had a bit of a rough ride but have obviously cooked them beautifully :-) I hope you can take them home very soon, enjoy them x

  • Congratulations on your little girlies and great weights for twins.

    Welcome to the world Baby Abbie and Baby Chloe

    x x x

  • Huuuuge congratulations. Wishing you all health and happiness and that you enjoy every minute x

  • Congratulations, what wonderful news!!!

  • Congratulations!!!

    Welcome to the World, Chloe and Abbie!

  • Congratulations, they are beautiful names and glad all is going well x

  • Congratulations. Beautiful names, hope ur all well xx

  • Congratulations. Enjoy your 2 beautiful girls. Hope they and you are all okay. Here's to your wonderful future x

  • Congratulations!

  • WOW you floored me with your PM, I did not pick if up until tonight, gutted I didn't see it this morning!

    Many congratulations to you both, I had a wee chat with Fidget Bum & told him/her to stay put and not to be getting any ideas after hearing about the Twinlets!

    Can't wait for photos, take care hunni and hope to hear from you soon.

    Lots of love, K & Fidget Bum xxxx

  • Thankyou everyone for the lovely messages, we're hoping for them to come home within three weeks all being well. Xxx

  • a big congratulations :D

    that's great news, 2 beautiful baby girls, lovely names and babies weights are great, especially for having them at 33w5d.

    you will be a proud mummy :D

    take care & all the best xxx

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